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How do I get my 1996 Nissan Sentra to start?

Asked by dee1313 (953points) July 28th, 2009

I have a 1996 Nissan Sentra GXE. It was running the other day, and I was able to start it yesterday (I didn’t drive it because it was dark and the speedometer wouldn’t light up). Today, no dice. I turn it over, and I get nothing. The radio plays, so obviously the battery is fine, but it doesn’t turn over, it doesn’t do anything. It just sits there, with the radio playing.My father suggested the starter, but I’ve no idea where it is or what it looks like. I’ve also found online that the inhibit relay could be the problem, but I’ve got no clue about that either. Help?

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does it try to start? (clicking when you turn the key, any engine noise what so ever?) or is just silent?

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@Kiev749 You can hear the metal moving inside the part the key goes in when the key is moved, but that’s it. I can’t hear any clicking from the driver’s seat, but I think a friend may have mentioned it when he was outside the vehicle.

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The radio working is not indicative of a healthy starting/charging system including the battery.The first thing to try is to pull off the battery cables, clean the cable connections and the battery post, then reconnect the cables to the battery tightly. I see corroded connections cause this problem much more often than any other problem.

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I agree with @itsjustmat. try wiggling the connectors on the battery to see if they are loose.

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If it’s anything like my old 86 nissan sentra then you need to (1) get out of the car, (2) run around the car three times, (3) open and close the hood 3 times, (4) rub your lucky rabbit foot, (5) sing a chant that goes something like “start you stupid car start you stupid start you stupid car”. For some reason that helps….

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Welcome to Fluther @Russter @itsjustmatt

I would try to jump start it after cleaning the cables as @itsjustmatt suggested then let it run for at least 30 minutes preferrably longer. Then try to restart. If nothing happens it is likely it is the starter. If you are going to try to work on it yourself I recommend you invest in this .

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It probably has a week battery, does it crank at all.

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If the radio blanks out when you turn the key, the battery is bad.

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@Garebo and @RocketGuy A bad connection to the battery occurs much more often than a bad battery. The indications are almost the same, but cost to fix is not. That said, never immediately assume a bad battery from the beginning.

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@Garebo The only sound I hear is the key turning. No cranking, nothing.

@RocketGuy The radio is fine. It beeps when the door is open. It beeps like it normally would assuming I’m starting it because the seat belt isn’t fastened. It just doesn’t start.

@itsjustmatt How can I tell if I have a good connection to the battery or not?

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@itsjustmatt is right – there is a bad connection somewhere. Check all the cables under your hood for looseness or condition.

We has squirrels at work that liked to chew up battery cables! Several people got stranded because they could not start their cars. Squirrels actually went under the car, then up into the engine compartment to get to the wires!

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@dee1313 Pull both cables off the battery and clean both the posts and connectors vigorously using a wire brush, put them back on and after tightening them make sure you can’t move them by hand.

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