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What recourse do I have with this online company?

Asked by figbash (7483points) July 28th, 2009

I ordered a product from an online company on 7/13. I was charged for it. I was supposed to receive it in 10 days at the latest, but it never showed.

I’ve contacted the company by email (the only option – no phone number is listed and Google turns up nothing) 5 times requesting status on the delivery, but no one had responded to me. Two of these requests were sent to the owner as well.

What should I do if they just never contact me back and the item is never received? Is this a Better Business Bureau issue?

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Contact your credit card company – or bank and dispute the charges. They will investigate and odds are, you will have the charges reversed. Also, you can report them to the Better Business Bureau, but start with the bank or your credit card company, first.

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Just to add to what @cak has said, if a company that accepts credit card payments has too many chargebacks (reversed charges), the company that provides their credit card processing services will drop them. The merchant is then added to a list and cannot get another account for processing credit cards for a certain number of years. It is well worth your time to get the charges reversed, and could result in that person being unable to swindle others in the future.

You can contact the BBB, but I don’t think there’s anything they can do to get your money back. If the company is listed with the BBB, you might be able to write a negative review at the BBB website. Good luck!

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Me, three! Talk to your credit card company (or PayPal if you paid that way).

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When you contact your credit card company (which is what you should do), you’ll probably forward along your email correspondence.

Things will work out for you, though. The one small nice thing of paying with plastic.

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I thought there would at least be some sort of business law that if you have an online store, it’s mandatory that people should be able to reach you by phone. I guess not.

Thanks a lot guys! I’m getting on the phone with Visa, post haste.

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Make sure to tell what company it is so we ALL can avoid it! Let’s use the power of this site for good!

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As someone who has an online store (several actually) I can tell you that it is optional to offer a phone number to customers on many sites. Only one store that I have actually makes it easy to offer a phone number. All the rest require working email addresses (however, at least some of them never check to see if the email works).

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