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Would you like to join me in congratulating cak for reaching the 10K milestone?

Asked by shilolo (18038points) July 28th, 2009

Since joining, cak has been a constant calming and reassuring presence. She has given so much of herself here, and we are richer for it. Congratulations!

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Congrats Cak!!!
My Fluther mother :P

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Yowza, this is a fantabulous occasion! Mucho congratulations to one of my favorite Jellies! Very nicely done, ma’am!

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Happy 10k party.

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Your name always sounded like a cat coughing up a hairball, but congrats!


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Way to go Cak!!!!!!

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* * * Y * A * Y * * * CONGRATULATIONS ! ! ! GOOD WORK ! ! ! * * * Y * A * Y * * *

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Grats. :)

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I certainly would! @cak, you and your beautiful giraffe are a warm, bright spot on any page where you post. I look forward to seeing what you write, and I give you tons of lurve. Congratulations on a happy milestone.

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Hurray! Another 10k party! Let’s get faced! I’m calling in sick tomorrow.
Happy happy, joy joy. Congratulations, Cakkie!

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Thanks for posting this, Shilolo! I will be doing a screen shot of this, just so my family sees that I am a “constant calming and reassuring presence.” I’ll pay you tomorrow! Of course, they’ll think you are nuts. ;~)

I’m heading to bed, I’ll catch up with this tomorrow – when I can type and think, at the same time. Thanks, everyone! I really am having fun on Fluther!

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@cak Congrats!!! :D You’re awesome.

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CONGRATS! to the flutherite whose answers are always well thought out and a perfect balance of compassion and wisdom- Cheers on 10k!!!

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@AstroChuck that is a rather unfortunate nickname you’ve given her

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Cheers to our favorite giraffe with the funny name!

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Congrats cak! Every bit of it well deserved. :D

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Hep, Hep Hurray! Congratulations! Well deserved, @cak! =]

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Congrats Cak! I’ve enjoyed your answers on here a lot! =)

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I don’t think I’m sticking my neck out by saying that @cak is one of my favorite jellies by far.

How she lives here on Fluther can only be described as “fearless”. She is one of those rare jellies who puts herself completely out there with each and every answer.

It is a beautiful thing to see and I am honored to know her.

ad astra pers a pera

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I <3 cak.


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Congrats to you and the giraffe!

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I love women. My entire life, from my first serious girlfriend when I was nine years old through today at 56, I have always had a much stronger connection with women than men. The friendships are tighter, they communicate better, they are more passionate and show more compassion, and are nicer and brighter and are a whole hell of alot better to look at than men. Even my best male friend (of which there are but a few) of over 40 years would not only vouch for this but readily point out that he is similarly inclined…..after all, he and I met while hanging out with the same group of wonderful girls (and he married one of them)!

And it’s no different here at fluther where I feel blessed to count as friends so many jellies of both genders and cross genders and everything in-between. But there are a half a dozen or so women here that are very special friends to me and I don’t doubt for a second that you know who you are. When I decided to propose marriage to @sccrowell, Sherry, and got the wild idea to do so right here on fluther, I ran that crazy idea by two of these women…two women whom I love and respect and whose opinions are more valuable to me than my own. And they both supported the idea and encouraged me to proceed and were correct in their assessments that it would be warmly received, overwhelmingly supported and that everyone would get a kick out of it. And, of course, all of you helped make that proposal a unique part of fluther history (I received the 86th GQ just today).

To the woman to whom I first proposed my fluther proposal of marriage to Sherry, whose strength and beauty have shined as bright as a million stars through health issues and obstacles and losses, who is a goddess not just for her wonderful family at home but for her entire extended loving family here at fluther, CONGRATULATIONS dearest @cak on your 10K lurve, a very richly deserved milestone.

Attention up there in the 10K Lurve Lounge: make some room now….. @cak is headed up there and I insist on the red carpet treatment for her. I lurve you with all my heart @cak! Sending much love….Gary aka wtf

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@whatthefluther make that the 87th GQ =]

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Congrats pak !

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Congrats CAK! You are one of my favorite jellies and I mean that with all my heart. Cake for all!

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Congratulations @cak, now the 10K club really is a cool place to be. You are one of those jellies that Fluther could not live without. Thanks for being a big part of what makes this site so special.

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Aww, I was late for this one..

Congrats cak!

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WhOpPeE!! It’s time for another 10 K party!!!

CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS @cak Well done Your knowledge knows no bounds!!

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Congrats @cak !!! This is such well-deserved recognition for a truly wonderful lady!

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Congratulations @cak! You are such a kind, helpful, caring, honest, funny, thoughtful and goofy jelly. You have helped to make Fluther a place that I just can’t leave. It would not be the same without you. Cheers my friend! :D

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Cake for Cak! You are one of the most thoughtful caring Jellies and it is a pleasure to share the site with you.

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Good job, Congrats

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Congratulations :)

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Congratulations! Thank you for sharing your hard won, personal insights.

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Hooray Cak! Congratulations and thanks for being a wonderful part of Fluther!

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curses shilolo. I’ve been stalking @cak for this! grumble grumble!

Congratulations Cak. Your posts are always informative, and inspirational to me. There are a handful of people I look up to on here, you being one of them. Thank you.

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Congratulations, my old friend. We go back a long way, don’t we?

Glad to see you’re getting good recognition here. You deserve all the balloons & glitter of this milestone.

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@cak! You’re in the 10K club! w00t! That means it’s time to dance!

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@casheroo: Don’t feel bad. I too was stalking the giraffe. Damn poachers. ;^)

Hey, I just of something. Maybe “cak” is an acronym:

C ourageous A rticulate K nowledgable

Coming to a Fluther near you, the CAK3000 AnswerGiraffe

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Again cak, congrats. (I’ll just tell myself I was the first say it.)

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Whoo Hoo!!! Let’s throw a party!!!! LeTs CeLeBrAtE! I’ll bring pizza!!!! :)

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@tinyfaery You were! You PM’d me first! :)

@WTF -I am completely moved by your words. Thank you, my dear friend!

@JB wait…“old” – I think not! ;~)

@Everyone – Thank you! I have learned a lot, while on Fluther, more than I thought I’d learn. Frizzer, certain government agencies, how much pancakes rock…and that we all seem to be hungry, all the time. I couldn’t have made it to the 10k without you. :) Now…cake, pancakes and bacon….for all! and beer!

And yes…I have a weird name! it’s my initials, just really lazy when it comes to screen names. :)

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Cak is here! May the party begin!

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From your very first post on Fluther, which I remember vividly, you have been an integral part of this community. You are warm, loving and wise. I am so grateful to know you and be able to interact with you on Fluther.

Warmest congratulations on a rapid and well-deserved rise to the 10K heights!

Cak for everyone!

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@cak okay, not OLD…just long standing. How’s that? :-)

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Grr, I was just telling @augustlan last night how I was stalking your lurve. ):

Oh well.

Congrats, @cak, you truly deserve this, and I’m glad to know you on Fluther. You are a warm and friendly person, and so nice to interact with. Can’t wait ‘till you reach 20k!

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@Marina Likewise, I am grateful for the times when I get to met up with you. I always wait to see what you have to say, when you are typing. Thank you, very much!

@JB much better! :)

@mangeons I was just thinking about you! Getting ready to PM you. I haven’t talked to you in a little while.

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Here’s a pat on the back, cak! Happy 10,000!

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It is the afternoon! Here comes the Bubbly and cheese plates!

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@cak I look forward to your PM. (:

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(I can’t believe that I missed this!!)

cak, congratulations, to a wonderful jelly! You have been extremely helpful to me. I remember when I would post about the loss of my Mom, you offered an ear… to talk, if I ever needed it. And, I thank-you for that. You are undoubtedly a strong individual and, mostly definitely, a top jelly! Again, congratulations!

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@everyone – again, thanks! This really rocks! Now…back to @cprevite‘s party…there is plastic and oil involved…gotta go!

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AnswerGiraffe3000 in the pig pile!!!!!!!

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ohmygosh yes!
@cak i love your avatar, and i love your answers. you always offer such inspiring words, and i truly just love reading what you write. a 10k well deserved.

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missed this noe


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@fireside You missed /two/?! You need to keep up! :-P

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@mangeons – I missed three actually. Too busy packing my things and getting ready fro my wedding. a few more weeks and things will settle down over here.

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@fireside You’re getting married?!

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@fireside Congrats on your impending nuptials!

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@fireside – congrats and best wishes!

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@mangeons – yup, she just joined Fluther too.
@augustlan and @cak – thanks : )

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@fireside – Congratulations!

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Oh, congrats, conga rats, @fireside!

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Congrats @cak, its people like you who make this place heavenly

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The Giraffe is back!

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@Dog – that’s right!

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Oh, yeah.

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@cak is back!
I’m smiling and crying tears of joy.
Thanks for making my day…..and so much more!

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* * * Y * A * Y * * * H * A * P * P * Y * * D * A * Y * * * Y * A * Y * * *

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