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How do I fix my ipod touch 2.0 if its bricked and my friends have already tried to unbrick it but not succeeded?

Asked by adamxyz23 (1points) August 2nd, 2009

ipod help, 2.0 touch. left it on after falling asleep and my friends that have tried to fix it told me they couldnt figure it out.

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what does “bricked” mean?

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Do you mean “froze”?

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Have you followed the series of instructions on the iTunes site in the Help file?

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Plug it in and charge it. then
do a reinstall from your itunes

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A “bricked” iPod is generally a lot more like this, only when you plug it into your computer, iTunes doesn’t recognize it. It’s referred to as “bricked”, because it’s about as useful as a brick without getting Apple to intervene and figure out the problem.

In your case, it sounds like the battery has run out. If you run the battery down to completely empty, you need to leave the iPod plugged into a power source for up to half an hour before it will turn on.

Plug it into your computer over USB, or if you have a wall charger, you can use that. Leave it connected until it turns itself on.

Good luck!

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Did you try resetting it? It sounds like you just have a dead battery, though…

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If it is genuinely an issue with operation and it turns on fine, try connecting it to iTunes and doing a restore. If iTunes won’t recognize it, you could try putting your iPod in recovery mode. This Apple help doc explains what you need to do.

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When you say bricked it implies a level of damage that can’t be fixed by a reload of software, a recharge, or a reset of the Touch… but from what you’ve described we can’t tell if any of that has been tried… can you be more specific as to what is showing on the screen at all and what troubleshooting and/or diagnostics you’ve tried?

Worst comes to worst make an appointment at the Genius Bar and have them look at it…

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So the problem was that he just needed to charge it?

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ChrisPirillo actually has instructions on how to solve this problem. He had a bricked iPhone a while back but i’m pretty sure it will also work an iPod Touch. I’ll try and find it for you.

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Okay found it. Try following these instructions. He says it’s for a non jail broken iPhone but give it a try. Might work.

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