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What's the #1 question you should never ask your friend who is of the opposite gender?

Asked by derekpaperscissors (631points) August 2nd, 2009

What is that one question you don’t want to ask your friend and what is the one question you don’t want to be asked by your friend?

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Would you do it with a wiffle bat?
I wouldn’t like it if she asked me the same

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Well, my best friend is of the opposite gender, and the only things I don’t want to hear details about are his sex life. It’s cool if he tells me that he “hooked up with so-and-so” but I would NEVER ask him to elaborate. And he would never ask me for details about that kind of thing either. Eugh, the thought makes me shudder. (We have a sibling-like relationship.)

My friends who are girls will usually demand a blow-by-blow if I hook up with someone or start dating someone. I usually oblige, and now I’ve gotten into the habit of asking the same right back at them. Don’t know why it’s different, it probably doesn’t have to be. Just habit at this point I suppose.

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How do you pee?

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If she is my friend, I can ask her anything.

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I feel pretty strongly that friends (of any gender) shouldn’t ask one another for loans. You must never loan money to a friend. Give, yes, if you can afford it but a loan will bust up a friendship.

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How’s it hanging?

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would you like to be “more than just friends?”

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Me to him: What is guys’ obsession with their balls? Always shifting, scratching, talking about them.

Him to me: Is that a hair growing out of your chin?

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A question never to ask:

Are those real?

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Is friends with benefits a possibility?

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“Have you ever thought about being a hooker?”, her: “Why don’t you cheat on your girlfriend with me?”.

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What’s your dress size?

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Your mom is hot. Is she dating?

Your son is hot. Is he dating?

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“How are you?”

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Are you gay?

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Asking details about their sex life!

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Why are there questions that are off limits if they are your friend?

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@Facade Sometimes people need privacy and time for themselves.

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My friends can ask absolutely anything about me,

I can ask absolutely anything about them.

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Are you gaining weight? You’re gaining weight, aren’t you?!! How much weight did you gain?

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Would you hold this for a second?

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1) Did you know that outfit makes your butt look big?

2) Does my butt look big in this?

Both are a lose/lose situation.

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As Zendo said, there’s nothing I wouldn’t ask or mind answering. Just yesterday I visited a friend in Turkey and we spent 3 hours talking about her sex life in great detail (I did stop her when she started giving me too much information on a one-night-stand she had recently). Similarly, I told her everything about my situation regarding my daughter, and the options I’m considering (including the illegal ones).

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Me asking her: “How much do you weigh?”

Her asking me: “Do you you want to go shopping with me?”

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The only question I never want to hear from a friend of any gender: “Can you keep this a secret from your husband?”

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Do I look fat in this?

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I want to be able to discuss everything with my friends. I think most inappropriate questions would be related to harassment though.

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I am surprised to hear that so many people would have nothing that is off limits from their friends. I don’t feel like I have to be an open book to be a good friend. Sure, I tell most things to my closest friends, but there are some things I just prefer to keep private and all to myself.

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@Supacase yeah but that’s different from having some things you wouldn’t ask…no one says you HAVE to reveal things you don’t want to reveal…but there also don’t have to be things you don’t ask about…there are friends who simply don’t know me well enough to ask whatever would be inappropriate…I suppose

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There are no such questions with me and my friends anyway

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Could you do something about that awful smell down there?

Sorry – it was an honest reply to the question.

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Can I see yours? I’ll show you mine LOL

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I agree with @augustlan I will never keep anything from my love, and he does the same. Other than that if they are my friend, they can ask anything about me and I would hope the same the other way

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