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Is there a way to be able to close the lid of my Macbook Pro without it going to sleep?

Asked by daniel89x (280points) January 11th, 2008

I’m currently using 10.5

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I believe it will operate with the lid closed if you have an external monitor hooked up.

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I’m a PC guy and we have an option for that sort of thing…a quick google search tells me that it cannot be done on a Mac, but there is an app that you can download that toggles the sleep function. – Insomniax

Otherwise, you have to have a monitor hooked up for the “clamshell” feature to work. So, if you are traveling from one room to another and it doesn’t make since for you to carry the laptop “open”, then you are forced to put it to sleep…unless you have the insomniax app.

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Great. Thanks, I’m going to try that insomniax application when I get home.

Too bad its not a feature already in osx.

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Yes put the laptop to sleep, close the lid, then hook up the external display; upon connection it should wake up with the lid closed…that’s been my observation.

If you’re using it in target disk mode, then it should work with the lid closed on startup (power down, then power up while holding down the letter “T”).

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I don’t have an external display. I just wanted to be able to leave my computer on with the lid closed while listening to music, moving to another room, or downloading files.

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You could maybe block the hook/lock openings by sticking small pieces of tape over them. This is assuming that the sleep status is triggered by the hooks locking into place. If you try the tape method, the lid would be closed, but it probably wouldn’t be secure, though.

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Nevermind! I just tried it. Didn’t work.

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