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Where have you enjoyed collecting seashells?

Asked by rowenaz (2431points) August 3rd, 2009

People are always talking about Sanibel Island, Florida, as being the third best shell collecting site in the world…so what are the other two? What places have you gone to, from which you brought home some cherished shells?

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ive collected shells from st. crox usvi and brought them home. some with hermit crabs in them haha so those shells were kinda special.

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An obscure beach on Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia. I went there when I was a child. The sand dollars were perfect and the majority of the shells were pure white.

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Sadly, Sanibel is certainly not what it was in times past.

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I collect shells from almost every beach I go to. They are a souvenir, and it doesn’t matter how good they are. I also collect pebbles, often of a relatively small range of colors. I enjoy collecting shells wherever they are interesting. Or not. Doesn’t matter. Great excuse to walk along a beach.

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I just came back from the Outer Banks in NC actually. There are some really pretty colored shells there, though not many are completely intact. Mostly pieces of shell polished to look like stones and chips. I like to look for sea glass there. My father-in-law is great at finding it; I usually just find the plain clear kind.

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I like collecting shells at the beach and the shore where it’s nice and peaceful =]
I love hearing the ocean in them! :P

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Emerald Isle, NC is amazing place and you can find beautiful seashells there. My dad when I was little found a huge, intact conk shell there he was swimming and just pulled it right out of the ocean. They also have gorgeous clear water compared to a lot of beaches in Carolina

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Fleetwood Beach – UK

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As a systematic malacologist I have collected shells from just about everywhere I have been, including on land. Some of my favorite shells collected, however, might not seem showy to someone else, but they are valuable to me for the memories they bring back.

However, if I had a choice, I think I might want to collect along the shores of the Red Sea. There are some very cool critters living there.

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So here we are in Florida, and I find the other two in a brochure!! the top three places to collect shells:

1. Sulu Islands, Philippines
2. Jeffries Bay, South Africa
3. Sanibel Island, Florida

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Good thing I posted those places, because I was just wondering this all over again!

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