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My shop was talking about this today. I saw some pictures of a vintage shirt today online. It was a picture of a wolf on a yellowish shirt. We will be hitting up the thrift shopes this weekend

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yes – I have been collecting 40’s & 50’s
vintage men’s clothes for many years and have been wearing that look for a long time.

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What is it that you are attracted to about vintage clothing? Is it a costume to you?

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That link went well. <.<

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I am so SO sorry. This is the correct link

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Not quite, dan.

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Mensch, was ist mit diesem shit? Vintage Kleindurg sind fur posers! Sind sie verstecken Juden?

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I really apologize about the link problem. I have no idea why that is happening

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Ich besitze eine ärmellose Lederjacke.

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i like the movies and the look of that era – it was what was unique in the thrift stores when I was younger so I was able to pick up a lot of vintage bargains before it became a cool thing. I feel very comfortable in vintage clothes and have always enjoyed mixing old and new styles – ideas – technology – attitudes.

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I wear Levi’s and T-shirts. I do have a leather jacket, that I cut the sleeves off of.

Did I just end my sentence with a preposition?

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Yes. You meant to say, “I do have a leather jacket, of which, I have cut the sleeves off.”
Auf Deutch? Nein, bitte!

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I was a theatre costumer for 25 years, and I kept many,many vintage clothing pieces. I have pieces back to the 1920’s and a few even further back. I love them!! Especially when I can find one that fits me!

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I do have this one T-shirt, that was my dad’s from the 60’s or 70’s that says:
The letters are squared.
You fold it in half, and it says, F*** OFF

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I’ve been wearing vintage since 1970, selling vintage since 1985, selling vintage online since 2001. I’ve never wanted to look like everyone else, and most modern clothing can’t compare with vintage for quality construction and fabrics, unique prints and cool detailing.

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