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How do I find a good home/apartment alarm system?

Asked by simongtr (46points) December 11th, 2006
I live in an apartment and want to get a wireless alarm system. Where can I find one and what should I look for?
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I have had two different in home alarms systems. One of them was monitored out of state, a fact that was only incidentally mentioned. The first time the alarm went out, I had to wait for a couple of hours before anyone in the alarm company recognized that there had been a problem. After that, I switched to a local company. It makes me feel much more are ease.
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In the case of the first service, there evidently had been a storm between this state and the state where the monitoring was done, so communication between my home and the monitoring system had been cut off for hours. I would definitely stick with a well known local company, even if it costs more,
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Depends on what kind of an alarm you require. If it is a fire alarm it is different from burglar alarm. Best thing to do is consult with a professional safety engineer well versed with alarm system in your localality who will be able to advise you on availability, its use and effectiveness.

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Honestly, if you just need a simple, non-invasive entry-alert system for your apartment, you can grab it at radio shack for cheap.

All you need is a small, yet loud, electronic bell or buzzer , preferrably one used in alarms. Then you pick up a simple magnetic switch.

The magnetic switch remains ‘off’ while the two magnets are brought together. So you’d put one at the top of your door, and one on the door frame just above it, and connect it to your buzzer.

When the alarm is engaged and the door opens, the magnets separate and the alarm goes off.

Simple, cheap, effective and very little effort and installation. That’s the low-budget route. And since it operates on a AA battery, it’s ‘wireless’...technically.

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