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If I want to italicize a word in a quote which is not originally italicized, how do I note that I have done this?

Asked by dans85 (109points) December 11th, 2006
i.e., "the establishment of a conventional Surrealist pattern." I want to italicize "conventional" to emphasize my point, but it isn't originally italicized in the Manifesto of Surrealism. How do I note, within my citation of this quote, that I have added my own italics?
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What I have seen is the word put into italics, and then after the quotes written in parens: (italics added) or something to that effect.
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Italicize the word and add (italics mine).
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Also there's the popular [emphasis added].
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yep, in your citation, write name, page, etc. and then after the period "[emphasis added]"

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