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Why Are Disposable Pre-Paid Cell Phones STILL Not Available in Canada?

Asked by artemisdivine (1092points) January 11th, 2008

On TV shows like Law & Order they always talk about “disposable cell phones” (and since it is an American Show, it is in America obviously) and how they are not traceable. I think they sound like the coolest thing ever. I am somewhat ANTI Canada as so many GREAT things the USA has (like Target stores AND TIVO and tons of USA tv stations like LOGO and ESPN) we dont have up here (and for no good reason). And I am wondering if anyone really knows anything for sure.

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I can’t answer your question on why these phones aren’t available but I am curious: is it impeding your criminal activities? If so you have my sincere condolences. Have you investigated any alternatives?

I also have to point out that it is bit irrational to be against an entire country because they don’t have disposable mobile phones, a department store and a handful of cable television stations.

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lol ha ha ha funny. um no. i am not a criminal. not even close. i just would like a disposable cell phone. for lots of reasons. one being it is silly to get into three year plans and all that at a MINIMUM of $25/month. and i hate canada. i think i am entitled. the USA wont let LEGAL people in to work there (and sadly i am NOT mexican)

no one ever gives me a good answer to my questions. try harder people. i am sad. :-(

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the reason that you cant find disposable cell phone in canada that we dont have alot of competition between GSM providers its only rogers and fido and its not good for there BEST interset selling theses cell phones and adjust there technology while almost the whole GSM clients in the country under 3years palns,and by the way canada much more advance then USA when its come to telecom. i love you canada.

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