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What's the cheapest feel good item you can buy or bought?

Asked by derekpaperscissors (626points) August 8th, 2009

When you don’t feel like spending too much, but you want to buy something, what do you get? And why or for what use?
It could be something fun or useful or for whatever reason at all. It can also be an experience or a place.
A lot would probably mention a food item, add a non-food item as well. We can only eat so much =p.

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I have to admit that I buy Gerber apple sauce. I know I’m too old for that stuff, but I can’t help it…It’s so delicious.

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A bar of good smelling soap for a bath
Some incense cones or sticks to burn during a nap
A packet of babywipes on a hot sticky day
A fresh squeezed lemonade mixed with mineral water
Some fresh picked flowers to float in a bowl of water
A pair of on-sale cute knickers to jump around in

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Coconut water. It makes me feel refreshed and relaxed. I love it. I could drink gallons of this stuff and I have!

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A little piece of fine dark chocolate to go with cheap black coffee.

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do ona cups count?

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You can purchase 6 condoms for £1 ($1.65) at a shop near me.
I’m not too certain if they have a specific name but I enjoy buying fuzzy doodles on occasion to use as odd decorations.

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I tube of hand milled oil paint. I love the smell of oil paint.

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Hmmm…non-food. Tricky.

I don’t buy little things very often.
One thing I usually try to find, though, is any of these collectible guys:

They always put me in a good mood. They’re adorable. And collectible. And plastic.

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I have handwriting so bad it could be offensive, so sometimes I’ll buy an ultrafine pen which helps curb the illegibility of my words.
More often though, some Pomegranate iced tea.

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A telephone call to one of my kids.

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It occurs to me that my previous comment may have seemed somewhat crude for which I apologise but I honestly feel that such met the criteria described in the sub-text.

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I’ll go to a bakery. Preferably an Italian bakery.

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Lotion or soaps that smell good, or pretty stationary.

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A great pair of socks. Seriously.

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@Nially_Bob I sure wasn’t offended. You just made me laugh.

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@jbfletcherfan I received a comment which illustrated an opinion contrary to yours so felt it was only respectful of me to apologise…but seriously, $1.65. Not bad eh?

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Scented candles, fishing bait, a bottle of cabernet, fire wood for a bon fire, chocolate covered coffee beans, a novel, wasabi peas, renting a favorite movie, or (and this one is free) sex.

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Bubble wrap (pop!...pop!)

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A book. A wonderful, haven’t-read-this-before novel or memoir. Paperbacks are way cheap.

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My “feel good item” was $20 and It’s the best/most durable out of the five I’ve had

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Balloons, balloons, balloons.

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Food yes, but sometimes, cheap clothes thats on sale at the mall :P nothing more than 10 bucks!

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I love getting a pedicure, but only treat myself to one every now and then, so it is my feel good item for under 30.00.

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Food Item: Duh a Happy Meal chicken nuggets, sweet and sour sauce, Diet Coke (The explaination is in the answer), or a candy apple (those things are just so damn delicious)

Non-Food Item A used VHS tape of a movie I Love!! ex. When Harry Met Sally, Arsenic and Old Lace, or a classic Disney Movie.

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A nice new pen. 2 bucks. Rollerball or Gel. Nice broad line. Go home and doodle or write some notes.

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@PerryDolia beat me to it – a new pen is always my cheap feel-good item. Mine is usually an ultra-fine point sharpie or other felt-tip pen, preferably in purple.

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@sdeutsch You beat ME to the colors part. I could buy a whole pack of different colors and go home and write some mind maps.

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A smoked whitefish. My dad used to buy them for us on special occasions. Now my sons do.

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@Lupin: I grew up with Jewish delis nearby; I loved smoked whitefish. The taste evoked the era of my grandparents, all long dead.

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I don’t like to spend money, when I want to feel good, I just go to the laundry room and fold some clothes, or set my wind chime out on the porch for awhile. Sometimes I turn on the water fountain out in the back and sit out by the pool and Fluther.

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1 pound bargain from ebay for an antique camera – Kodak Brownie

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@augustlan – that is amazing, I have a thing for socks but never imagined that anyone else did too! I have more socks than I could ever wear, but I love them and I always buy myself a new pair when I have the chance! Nike Dri-fit socks are great, here in the tropics especially, ridiculously expensive though.

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@rooeytoo at the risk of going a bit off topic here… Do the Nike Dri-fit socks really work? When I bought my cycling shoes the guy tried to sell me socks that wick away moisture but I was dubious.

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@SuperMouse – I think they do, no matter how sweaty my feet get or how wet the socks feel when I peel them off, my feet never feel wet while I am still wearing them! I love all the dri fit products, the liners in running shorts and the shirts too. Under Armor is good stuff too.

To keep it on topic…...that is why socks are my feel good purchase!!!!

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@gailcalled Yep, you got it. It is the meal of choice for Father’s day or birthdays . Really stinks the house up – but it’s so worth it!
Also a small glass jar of pickled herring can make your day “a little bit brighta’ ”

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@Lupin: Remember to add extra freshly chopped onions and sour cream to the herring. That was another part of my early days when I lived next-door to my grandmother. She cooked for her husband, five sons, a nephew, her sister and me.

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@Lupin did someone say pickled herring? Mmmm, I love that stuff!

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I like it in small doses. I’ll wrap a piece in pumpernickel and enjoy it with tea. It’s a “feel good item” for me. Definitely not something to be eaten every day. I want to keep it special.
Like the old ad said: “Make your day a little bit brighta’. Have a little pickled herring by Vita!”
@jbfletcherfan You and I are in the minority. Most folks can’t get passed the looks of it. Their loss.
@gailcalled The Vita brand herring comes with the sour cream and onions in the jar. Ready for action.

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@Lupin : I know, but the additions I mentioned are vital.

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A book I don’t have yet! That’s really all I ever want!

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A maxim magazine

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Some of my favorite cheap and happy things:
Sale school/office supplies.
New socks. Funky ones.
A mug of ginger peach tea.
A bag of fancy cookies.
Big, cheap earrings.
A small potted plant.
A nail file and nail polish.
A pack of tropical flavored gum.
A different brand/fragarance of deodorant.
A clearance book.
A phone call to my step-mom.

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@Cupcake, I bet you’re easy (and fun) to buy birthday presents for. I wish you’d give lessons to my family.

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@Jeruba – Thanks! You put a big smile on my face! :)

My favorite presents (other than the cards my son makes me) are the things my mom and I found at thrift stores around the time of my birthday.

Me: “I love this!”
Mom: “That’s cute! Hey – you have a birthday coming up / that just passed. Do you want me to get it for you?”
Me: “Sure!”

Inevitably they become my favorite gifts.

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@Deepness Never heard about coconut water, will try it next time. :)
I usually get milk tea for my cheap comfort drink.

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@Nially_Bob Haha, that sure is a bargain price. With that price, I hope they aren’t faulty.

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@Harp How can I forget, bubble wraps!
@mea05key Does it work? Got pics? :)
@rooeytoo Great dri-fit suggestions! Fits my lifestyle :)

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The softness of the breeze on a cool, dry summer’s day. Makes me feel happy to just be alive. Priceless!

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Chocolate! New pen, cup of Dunkin Donuts iced coffee, small scented candle, yard sale books, Goodwill clothing, experimental toiletries.

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mashed potato

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@noodle_poodle : I am intrigued by this answer. Care to elaborate?

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@augustlan nope as in mashed potato you can buy ready made from supermarkets…cures what ails ya…even better if you can get it with gravy

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Five ears of fresh corn today for $2.00.

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$.50 will buy me two minutes of chocolaty goodness.

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@jonsblond I totally read that as 50 dollars. I thought, “What the hell kind of chocolate is she buying?!?”

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@augustlan : I did the same thing. I had to do a Dick Van Dyke triple take.

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Dum Dum Lollipops. As a non food item, I would have to say a pack of smokes.

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@augustlan There is no cent button on my laptop. I discussed this with my family. They decided $.50 would be best. Since when is there no cent button!?! I want my ipod touch back! Hope I’m making sense.

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@jonsblond if you press Alt + 0162 you can make a ¢ sign.

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@jonsblond your answer reminded me of another food item that when I have a bad day (or just a sweets craving) I dream about the doughnut at Dunkin’ Donuts that have the pink frosting and sprinkles on the top Damn I wish there was one near me!!

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I buy Junior Mints. For non-food items, going to a movie usually works.

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For food items I would buy a dozen of donuts (mixed of course) from a little place here called Sandra’s Bakery. It’s only $7.75 for a dozen and they are huge, soft, and filled to the point of bursting. I love the blueberry filled! Oh and books! for the non-food items, but I already said that!

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Food items, it’s probably a couple of those “taquitos” they sell at the 7–11 convenience store.
non-food? probably a puzzle book that has logic problems or sudoku.

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-Starbucks Cafe Americano
-Volcano Taco
-New Ball Cap

I think everything else I really want is free

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A frappuccino. Mmm..

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Oh, cheap comfort food? A cheeseburger. A good cheeseburger, which usually means a trip to Corner Bistro.

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box of holes in Dunking Doughnuts! HA!

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There are used books on Amazon starting at 1 cent plus shipping. Some books will make you feel good.

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Starbucks, where the tired, huddled masses go to become the not-so-tired, huddled masses

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A little bottle of soap bubbles, the kind kids like…then find an open space to go blow bubbles in…

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@littlewesternwoman – Lurve for bubbles!

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ice cream. soft serve, strawberry ice cream, in a cone. a buck fifty.

also, i second @mattbrowne. amazon is my book, cd, and movie mall.

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Adopt a cat from a shelter. They all feel really good and last more than a day.

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@gailcalled – I wish I weren’t allergic. I love kitties! :/

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@aprilsimnel – thanks for the Lurve… :-)

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…and then more chocolate…...

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especially the Hershey’s Kisses…..

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A bottle of Izze preferably the blackberry kind.

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Sipping an early morning cup of French Roast coffee, with lots of cream…whilst sitting on the yard swing with my by-now-fed handsome cat. He’s getting belly rubs and I’m watching the sun rays dancing through the tree tops.

I wonder whether his answer would be the same?

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a box of POKI the chocolate cover sticks!

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