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How good are the new low (environmentally recommended) interior paints?

Asked by Iwaswondering (52points) December 11th, 2006
Are they expensive? Do they last? Are there particularly good brands on the market now? Is there a down side to using these paints? I have a fairly large rec room that needs painting. We plan to use white. Is the white in this type o paint any more difficult to use than colored?
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I recently painted my apartment with low VOC (volatile organic compounds - the stuff that smells bad in paint) paint. I got the American Pride line in custom colors at the Environmental Home Center ( in Seattle, but I believe a number of major paint manufacturers (Behr, Sherwin Williams, etc) now make low VOC paints, too. They're not too expensive - about $25 a gallon, and possibly cheaper elsewhere. White paint of this variety, I believe, is no more difficult to use than regular paint. I'd guess if you're covering a bright color, you'd need to use primer or several coats. I was quite happy with the paint I used - it didn't smell bad at all, and looks great. It's only been 6 months, so I can't speak to longevity.

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