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My favorite poet is Mary Oliver. Who else should I be reading?

Asked by kfingerman (992points) December 11th, 2006
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She's at the top of my contemporary list. For a compendium of mostly terrific modern poems (short)- poems, not book) try Garrison Keillor's GOOD POEMS and the follow-up; GOOD POEMS FOR HARD TIMES. They are all there to be sampled; Donald Hall, Jane Kenyon, Billy Collins (ANOTHER REASON I DON'T KEEP A GUN IN THE HOUSE), my local poet, Edna St. Vincent Millay, Marge Piercy (ONE REASON I LIKE OPERA), Sheenagh Pugh, Maxine Kumin, Elizabeth Bishop, etc.
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A free month of a poem-a-day from Borzoi... A great way in which to start the day.
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If you're interested in sampling a few other poets, Billy Collins (mentioned above) has a website called Poetry 180 with poems by contemporary poets, including some by Mary Oliver. That might be a good place to start if you're interested in sampling some new poets.
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i can't say i know much about oliver, but the contemp poets i (a non-poetry person) like best are: anne carson, sharon olds, and jack gilbert. people say louise gluck's new book averno is like the best book of poetry published in a long time. and everyone love elizabeth bishop and robert lowell but they are both dead and that's just what people say.
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Try Mary Oliver's DREAM WORKS. For a non-poetry person, Billy Collins is even more accessible..SAILING ALONE AROUND THE ROOM is a wonderful intro . (Inexpensive and short). I love Sharon O and will check out Anne Carson and Jack Gilbert.
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Gary Snyder, Mark Doty, definitely Robert Hass. Also, have you read Rules of the Dance by Mary Oliver? It's an amazing companion to her poetry, and basically taught me everything I know about how to read poetry intelligently.
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li young lee. anne carson. also, i just picked up this new journal, "practice." it's great.

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I just discovered Stephen Dunn...Do not pass this poet... a LOT!

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Personally, my favorite American poet is Langston Hughes. However, i also really like Taylor Mali and Saul Williams, both Slam poets.

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