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Why are emotions so draining?

Asked by mally03 (310points) August 10th, 2009

I am not very emotional, but when I do have an upset, why do I feel so drained for two or more days, even if the incident has already been resolved? Do people who are more free with there emotions,have this same feeling of being drained after an upset?

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All higher functions require expenditures of energy.You may expend greater amounts of emotional energy than some other people.

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I hold all my emotions in, and when i really get upset, i am mentally drained, it doesn’t matter if the issue has been resolved or not. Everybody is different, and with the proper release of anger, it will take less energy away.

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It’s how we experience the world

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Similar question.
I’m always physically drained after any big emotion… even the good ones.

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The brain and the body’s nervous system are connected – emotions affect the body as well as the brain.

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Emotions are an automatic reaction of the brain. “Free of emotions” might refer to the rational mind trying to cover up the emotions which uses a lot of energy leading to the feeling of being drained. If someone is really upset there’s probably no way around it. However it’s possible to develop a certain imperturbability about the smaller things in life normally causing irritation. This saves a lot of energy. So in combination you might feel less drained after emotional issues that do really matter.

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Holding emotions in requires a lot of energy.

Think of them as something passing through. Let yourself experience them fully (don’t try to hold back), and them imagine them moving through you.

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because it’s energy in motion… apparently..can’t remember who said it…Tolle perhaps?

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