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Do you think you are capable of taking a human life?

Asked by Safie (1223points) April 11th, 2015

Me, only to defend and protect my child/ love ones if they were in danger, but I know myself, if it came down to that, it would be very difficult to do indeed, but yes to protect my family.

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One never really knows until they are put in that situation.

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I suppose I probably could, but dealing with what I have done after, all the guilt and how disturbing it must be to kill someone, I think I’d be a mess for a while.

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@Symbeline I’m totally with you there it’s the after the fact moment it would be hard to deal with.

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I’m more than capable of stopping your clock if you even think about harming my kids or touching my teddy bear Reggie.

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If given no other recourse, I could without a doubt kill a aggressor and still have a clear conscience.

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Never had to find out, and I hope I never do. I think I could if something dear to me (family) was threatened.

I am OK with capital punishment in general, so I suppose that I would rationalize such defense as capital punishment without the legal crap in between..

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Yes, in matters of extreme self defense or defense of others.
We have plenty of weapons here at the ranch, rifles and whips and spurs and pitchforks and shovels and ropes. Don’t mess with hippie cowgirls. haha

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Totally, people are generally horrible. I would find it harder to kill a hamster.

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Feeling like a member of the assassins club here!

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Obviously yes. But it depends on the context.

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I can take my own life.

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Yes. But it depends on the circumstances. If my life was at risk, I would kill in a heart beat. And I do mean kill! No point in injuring the person and having to pay for their physical therapy. And dead men don’t testify against you in court!

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Molest a kid.

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I just pulled out the rattlesnake hook and put it on the porch this morning, tis the season.
Now there’s a brutal way to go. It is called a reptile hook, so appropriate for use on slithering human reptiles. lol

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That is called situational ethics and it is something you learn if you go into a business where you might need it. For instance if you encounter a rattlesnake you can kick sand over it and it will go away. But if it wants trouble, then one of you has to die. If you are going to work or hike in the desert, you just have to get used to the idea and be prepared to implement it.

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yeah if someone was going to hurt me or my child and that was the only option, I think survival instinct would kick in.
...... However there have been times with my ex where he has gotten me so angry that I was thankful I didn’t have a gun in my hand…. Are we allowed to say that???

x ha ha

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