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What are pros and cons of an airedale terrier?

Asked by mikkicmark (14points) August 10th, 2009

I am planning to adopt an airedale terrier and i want to know more of their characteritics…usual personality-good or bad.

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I think they are very companionable dogs, and good with kids, but as with all terriers, they dig.

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You’ll need a good groomer. The cut is not very common so make sure you get an experienced groomer and be prepared to spend a good 50 to 60 bucks every 5 to 8 weeks on grooming. I really don’t know much about the temperament but all the ones I’ve worked on have been very good doggies.

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Oh, thanks for reminding me @kheredia : you have to brush them every day, Dead hair.

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iirc, they are pretty smart, but that means they also get bored easily. If you don’t give a bored dog something to do, they’ll find their own (destructive?) way to entertain themselves.

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Terriers require a lot of attention and training. You will have to establish yourself as alpha or you will have a difficult time with training.

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I am not a fan, but then, I don’t tend to like terrier personalities. Terriers tend to be pugnacious, argumentative, aggressive, hard-headed, and fairly independent. They also tend to like to kill small things – it’s what the breeds were developed and designed to do. (These are gross generalizations, of course.)

I prefer a breed of dog that wants to do what I want it to do.

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I have to agree with syz on this. If you don’t like terriers, you will not like airedales, because they are big terriers. They are willful. They can be high strung.

Airedales are very high energy dogs. You have to be prepared to give your dog plenty of time with you for exercise every day.

If your dog is bored, it will do what terriers do: bark! A lot!

They are also not the friendliest of breeds toward other dogs.

People who love the breed, really love them. Just know what you are getting into.

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I absolutely love them. All that I have known have been friendly to all, easily trained and obedient dogs. They do not shed. My dog is a Welsh terrier. Many call them a miniature Airedale, but they are their own breed. They are identical to an Airedale, but smaller. You can learn to groom them yourself. My husband learned and grooms Winston.

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