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Does it snow in Australia?

Asked by dookie (61points) January 15th, 2008

What months of the year does it snow in Australia, if it ever does? On a world map, southern Australia looks pretty close to Antarctica. But I’ve never seen pictures of it snowing there.

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It does indeed snow—there’s some good skiing there.

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In Australia, it can only snow in some of the mountains of the south-eastern states (Victoria, Tasmania, New South Wales, ACT), and only around the winter months (June, July, August). Other than that, snow in other places is extremely rare, but has happened very shortly a few times in the past due to cold winds drifting from Antarctica.

So on the whole, no, it does not typically snow in Australia, except in some of the south-eastern mountains.

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g’day Dookie,

Thanks for your question.

Yes it does during the winter months usually.

In the southern Alps in Victoria and southern NSW, it can snow at any time. I remember it snowing on Christmas Day 2006 which is in the Australian summer.


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It snows in Victoria and Tasmania, bits in NSW, not only because of the southern latitudes, but also, and more than anything, the high altitudes ( Other than that, in central and northern Australia (, it never snows.

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