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Is one gender of dogs more intelligent than the other?

Asked by doggywuv (1041points) August 18th, 2009 from iPhone
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I would imagine the range of dog breeds would come into play far more than gender.

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Anyone who is married can tell you the female is the smarter gender. Say otherwise and you’re dead. No reason to think dogs are any different.

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Well, there is this adorable dog on you-tube who can say “I want my momma”. But just like humans, it would probably depend on the dog itself than the particular gender or even breed. Being a girl, I would say that females are always smarter – but we all know I am biased (and I live with 4 males). Are you looking to obtain a dog for a specific use (such as a seeing eye dog)?

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About the gender I think there’s no diference between males and females. But I heard that some Mixed-breed are the smartest.

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Dogs don’t have a gender. And like in any other species, the females are the smartest sex. ;)

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I’m looking to buy a pet dog, and intelligence is an important factor in my decision of dog. If one sex does have greater intelligence than I’d go for a dog of that sex.
It’s going to be either a beagle, bichon frise, or yorkie.

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Breed is much more the arbiter of intelligence. Border collies, German shepherds, poodles, other working dogs are the most intelligent.

Bird dogs are medium intelligence.

Male and female dogs do have very different personality traits that may matter to you. Check that out.

Also, remember that the most intelligent dogs require the most attention, You can’t leave them alone all day without exercise. They get bored.

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No, the odds are like picking a red card from a hat that has a green and a blue. But then you grow to love the dog.

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Then you definitely need a female. (laugher from this female!) Actually, if I were you, I would head to the local shelter and find a dog that seems to be for you – you’ll know when you see him or her. Then invest in some really good training. Also, I have read several times that mixed breeds tend to be heartier and have better temperment – I know it has something to do with mixing good traits, but I can’t put my finger on an appropriate article right now.

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If sex isn’t significant for determining intelligence in dogs, then I suppose personality is the important characteristic to look at when comparing sexes. I will look that up, thanks! And don’t worry, I’ll spend a lit of time with my dog.

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:) I’ll head to a shelter for a look. As for mixed breeds, I’m afraid my family prefers pure bred dogs.

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@doggywuv One option then would be Purebred Dog Rescue groups. they have one for almost every breed in almost every major metropolitan area.

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female dogs are easier to train, and in my experience, have a better temperament than males, if left intact. Intact males are very aggressive. Females can be that way as well, it all depends on the owner. According to my personal experience, my female dogs have always been smarter than my male dogs.

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Good luck with your search for a new “friend”. Dogs are about as awesome as they come. As far as a shelter, you can find pure breeds too – I just have soft spot for saving those poor “babies” regardless of what type of dog they are.

And ALL all dogs deserve love, whether they are pure or mixed, from a shelter or from an exclusive breeder. So go find the one that you feel is intelligent and that fits with your family’s purebreed requirements and that meshes with your lifestyle. I know that when you do take one home – he or she will be one very lucky doggy!

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@Marina It doesn’t look like that exists for Toronto
@evelyns pet zebra my step-brother tells me females are more intelligent in his experience too
@FlutherMother Thanks!
And thanks to everyone else for their responses!

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I hate to tell you but the 3 breeds you have mentioned are all not noted for their great intelligence or trainability, which is a different thing completely.

As Marina said most working dogs are the smartest, but not always the most trainable.

If you want a pure bred dog, I always advocate going to a dog show and talk to breeders of the dogs that attract you. Wait until after they are out of the ring, finished showing then tell them of your interest. Breeders and people who show are almost always devoted to their breed and want them to go to homes where they will be appreciated. Because of this they will honestly tell you both the good and bad qualities of their particular breed.

When you decide upon a breed, there are many breed specific rescue organizations who always have dogs of assorted ages looking for homes. It saves a dog’s life if you adopt.

I have never found any great difference in intelligence between the sexes, it varies from breed to breed and dog to dog. Either sex is usually more compliant after neutering.

Lastly if you want a smart dog, watch the obedience and agility rings at the show. That is where the trainable dogs show up! And forgive me but you rarely see a beagle, bichon or yorkie in obedience – tells you something!

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@rooeytoo Thanks!
The 3 breeds I mentioned are ones we like based on their appearance and size. Too bad they don’t tend to be intelligent/obediant.

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@doggywuv Big on Beagles is the beagle rescue group for Toronto. Beagles are wonderful, loving dogs. people who have them love them. Just know that if let off’leash, getting your beagle to come once it gets a scent is a very difficult proposition. Also note: they vocalize a good bit (baying).

Happy Tails rescue is the Bichon Frise (and Maltese) rescue group in Toronto. Bichons are very friendly and loyal dogs.

Here is a recent listing regarding free yorkies in Toronto. And another from yesterday. Yorkies seem to come in two types: the frightened type that is fearful because of their size and the heart of a lion type yorkie that is fearless. As a breed, they tend to be kind of barky.

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@rooeytoo- I hate to tell you but the three breeds mentioned by @Marina are considered the most intelligent of the breeds. The only difference would be the order:
1) Border Collie
2) Poodle
3) German Shephard

Here is a listing of the top ten in order of doggy brilliance.
Btw, Afghans are at the bottom of all breeds in regards to intellect. Also, the dumbest cat is smarter than any dog. :)

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@AstroChuck I think Rooeytoo meant the three breeds @doggywuv mentioned in the Q. Thanks for the defense though. You’re sweet. Lurve to you!

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@Marina- Arrr. After re-readin’ I think you be right, matey.

It’s not talk like a pirate day yet, is it?

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Both genders have an inherent purpose.

It is us humans that try to mix up the deck.

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Genders are not inherent. Ahh… <<screams inside head>>

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Gender – based on distinguishable characteristics (as shape, social rank, manner of existence, or sex)

inherent – belonging by nature or habit.

What is your confusion?

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Your confusion is the gender is culturally constructed, and that is the extent to my response. I have already discovered you are not worth my time.

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Ouch, I am guessing that was suppose to hurt? :-)
Sounds like a cop out. But hey, it is your life.

For the most part and in general. (especially in the context of the question asked)
“Is one gender of dogs more intelligent than the other?”
I see it as gender meaning Male or Female.
In which case there is no “culturally constructed” gender.
It is what it is.

Penis and vagina. They fit good together.

So I go back to MY orginal answer.

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@AstroChuck – yep matey, dogs are pretty much the only thing I claim any expertise about, the rest of my vast information bank is mostly comprised of pure opinion.

I was referring to the 3 breeds @doggywuv mentioned. You truly will not see many of them in the obedience ring which is one of the main measuring sticks of trainability. I have a friend who was an afghan breeder and she did advanced obedience work with her dogs, but she and her dogs were definitely the exception.

The part I find interesting is the difference between intelligence and trainability, not too many dogs on both lists. What I consider to be the most intelligent breeds don’t usually do particularly well in obedience because they get bored and wonder why the hell are we doing this repetitive stuff? They instead are thinking about ways to train their owners to be more attentive to the important issues in life like roast beef for supper.

Just one other note, @Marina mentioned bird dogs as medium intelligence and that is true but goldens are outstanding in obedience because they are pliable and trainable, eager to please. Before Border Collies became popular in the USA they were always the number 1 dog in obedience.

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