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Cats and dogs being derived from lines of apex predators, how intelligent would you be willing to make them before it made you scared of them?

Asked by ragingloli (46757points) April 13th, 2019

In a process called “uplifting”.

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As intelligent as questioning orders.

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No reasoning intelligence outside of natural instinct at all. Look what it’s done to humanity.

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Intelligent enough to know the rankings of poker hands, but not enough to recognize tells.

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Dakota was the most intelligent dog I’ve ever known personally. She was also the kindest and most gentle dog ever, but I saw her get royally pissed 3 times in her life with us. Those 3 times were very, very scary.

So, what exactly are you asking? Are you equating more intelligence = threatening behavior?

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Intelligent enough to carry on a conversation equivalent to a human 2 year old but not dexterous enough to open a door – or pull the trigger on a Glock 20.

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For a while we had latches for our door handles. You push them down to open the door. Dutchess (a boarder collie) taught herself how to open the damn door. Freaked me out the first few times!

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Order one of these. :-)

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Well, she’s dead now. :(

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WE are apex predators. We are not scared of us, generally speaking, except on an individual basis.

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Many breeds of dogs are already capable of injuring, or killing humans. Intelligence doesn’t necessarily make something hazardous. In fact, there are many harmful things that aren’t even capable of any thought, or even movement, like plants or poisonous lifeforms on a coral reef.

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The cats are already plotting to eat you once you get plump, need to dumb them down a bit.

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Actually, I’d feel less fear beyond the pet sphere.

I met this really smart tiger who told me, “After I beat you at chess, I’m going to eat your chest!”. ;-0

Since he didn’t set a time limit on how long it took for me to make my moves, I’m still alive and stalling! ;-D

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Housecats are already pretty intelligent, and I don’t think I’d fear them if they were any “more intelligent” ( if that notion even makes any accurate sense ), because I get along very well with almost all cats, and they consider us servants/allies/companions rather than prey.

I would be more worried about increasing their size, though.

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