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Isn't there a refresh key on a MacBook Pro for Safari like F5 is for a Windows PC?

Asked by Fred931 (9434points) August 25th, 2009

the F5 on a MacBook Pro key just turns down the illuminated keyboard brightness.

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Command + R will refresh.

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Thank you.

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And thank you for asking, Fred931. We just got a MacBook Pro and i kept forgetting to ask that question of my Mac Man.

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If the Mac OS or the app doesn’t provide it, you can assign any keyboard shortcut to any menu command in System Preferences>Keyboard & Mouser>Keyboard Shortcuts.

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F5 should work…you just aren’t pushing it. You are pushing Fn + F5. To just push F5 you need to hold down the Fn key and push F5. It sounds backwards but macbooks default that way because they assume you will be changing brightness, volume, etc more often then pushing F keys.
I hope that made sense. Fn + F5.

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