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Who will join me in a chuck under the chin for our own AstroChuck as his Fluther odometer rolls over to the 20k mark?

Asked by marinelife (62485points) August 22nd, 2009

It was lonely here in the 20K castle, but AstroChuck, a man whose wit is all veggie-powered, our very own Mr. Postman, has risen to the heights on clouds of lurve.

Let’s hear it for AC!

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Weeee the first Veggie in the 20K club!!! Congratulations AstroChuck!!!

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A fine addition to the 20K castle indeed! Well done, sir.

Do underwater castles have moats?

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Way to go Mr. Mail Man, congrats for reaching the mountain of 20K. @jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities underwater castles have moats of air, full of butterflies and stinging wasps, I’ve heard.

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*** YAY ***

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meh. we did this at 15k.. lol .. j/k congrats ding dong

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20,000 is incredible! Congradulations!
would you please deliver my mail now?

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AC is awesome, he cracks me up every time.

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No way! Already? Congratulations Astrochuck. You make fluther fun and I always look forward to your quips. Cake for all!

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Congratulations, AC! Thanks for making me giggle.

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Here’s to the hardest working mailman in show business!

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@kevbo wouldn’t that be the hardest working showman in the mail business?

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Move over @Marina. One more occupied chamber in the Jelly castle. Congrats.

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20k, WOW. Don’t spend it all in one place.

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Now you and Marina have fun and play nicely ‘til the rest of us mere mortals catch up!!!!


Who else is close, I never notice until it has already happened???

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There’s a guy who has all the luck
never having made a quip that sucked
yes, my heart’s all afluther
for I want to see another
from a mailman named Astrochuck

20K????? DUDE!!!!!!!!

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You da man! Congrats! Hip hip horray!

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Hail to Fluther’s resident comedian in charge! Mucho congratulations on 20k! Here’s looking at you kid!

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Congrats Chuckie Duckie! With lurve, Auggie Doggie. :)

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about time.
congratulations to the mail man that makes me forgive my own mail man for coming so late sometimes and giving me other peoples’ mail – and my favourite six year old.

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Yeaaaaaa!! !!! 20K !!!
Congratulation to you,
Mr. Sexy Legs! Wait Perhaps, I shouldn’t say that to a six year old. Oh! What The H$%l… Again, I say… Congratulations @AstroChuck!

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Astronomical wee chirpy chap!!
There’s a whole heap of chuckles in that 20K .
Hats off to ya!

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This is awesome!!! Way to go AC!

Now Marina has a housekeeper ;)

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I think we need to thank Sears and eMail for this achievment.

Because, had they not discontinued their enormous seasonal catalogs and replaced most hand-written coraspondance (respectively), @AstroChuck would have been far too busy to be on Fluther this much.

Congratulation Chuck!!!

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It’s amazing what a six year old can accomplish if given the chance. Congrats @AstroChuck!

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Congrats AC!

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Next to Charlie Brown, you are the cutest 6 year old I know. Don’t ever grow up. You brighten my day with your wiseass remarks and straight-shooting politics. Lurve ya!

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AstroChuck’s made it to 20K of lurve?! Fire up the grill! Veggie burgers and Arnold Palmers for everybody!

AC, have you considered a career in show business? Very few six-year-olds have that keen sense of comedic timing. Colbert, et al, could use a kid like you!

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Hey, wait… Where is Mr. birthday man?

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Here comes whatthefluther, looking foward to his answer…

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Way to go, AC!

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Right on!!! We lurve you long time!!!

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Fucking Chuck, man. He’s from space.

A winner is you.

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Congratulations Mr. Chuck. I wanna be you when I grow up.

and when you do…please don’t

All hail AstroChuck.

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Aw, Shucks. You guys are all so great. Thank you, everyone. Special thanks to you, Marina. You are such a class act. Is it any wonder that you’ve outlurved everybody here? I am proud to shack up with you in the palatial 20K manor (so many places to hide mail here!). And I promise not to keep the toilet seat up.

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Awesome achievement! Especially for someone as “young” as you!!!

Now do it AGAIN!

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AC is pretty unique here at fluther, in that he has basically chosen to predominately act out a role, be a character actor whose role is himself, many years ago at the age of six as shown in that adorable photo avatar of his. Perhaps there are others or were others that acted roles, but of course none could compare or at least compete with our clever little brat who has hit another remarkable milestone. And it’s very apparent he thoroughly enjoys himself in this manner and by virtue of his success, we do as well.

And, this is a very bright gentleman that’s quite knowledgeable, well traveled and has much experience. He never dumbs his answers….he just uses the attitude of one extremely bright six year old.

But, he does not hide behind that photo. When there are questions about something he is knowledgeable or passionate about he gives it to you straight. From questions about the USPS we know he is a proud and dedicated postman, who, if I recall correctly, has never missed a day of work. From questions about proper use of english, we know that he was a teacher before being a postman, and I imagine he was a very fine one and probably got along very well with the kids. From questions about women, we know he is in love with a very beautiful, romantic woman and hopes to hell his wife never finds this out. Oops, many apologies to @Parrothead, who I’m sure knows that is a favorite joke of his and one I could not resist. I’m sure he a fine husband and a great father to his kids.

From other questions, we also know he is a vegetarian of sorts, loves to vacation in Hawaii and always kindly and happily takes us with him, and we are very aware that this man is a music lover of an eclectic variety of music contained on an iPod I imagine is permanently attached to him

And we also know this native Sacramento man knows scenic beauty as evidenced in the love we both share of Yosemite National Park. And I would also like to point out that we just recently discovered that he is a minister in the Universal Life Church, and let me again tell you AC that there is no one else in the world I would have rather had perform my marriage ceremony to Sherry, than you, and had you been located a bit closer to L.A., you got to know we would have jumped at your kind offer (do you ministers wear robes and do they make ones to fit six year olds?)!

Congratulations on the 20K lurve, @AstroChuck, trhat is quite an achievement, and you are one lucky little brat to be able to share the castle with @Marina, alone for a while..,.at least until @johnpowell and @gailcalled join you.

Sending lots of lurve…Gary aka wtf

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”...has never missed a day of work.”.
Hah! Now who’s the comedian?

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It’s scary the detail someone can gather about a person from studying their fluther responses! YIKES!

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Congratezz AstroChuck!!!
Your really awesome and super funny! I love your answers! You really know how to make a jelly laugh! :D
Your really great and CoNgRaTeZ!!!! XD Welcome to the 20k castle!!! XD Whooo Hooooo!

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@Judi I think whathefluther is the most adept at putting together Jelly details of all of us. Another great summary, Gary.

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@Judi actually, that’s all on @AstroChuck jDate profile.

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@all actually WTF has a photographic memory! And it’s scary as hell, because you never know if or when it may come back to haunt you.

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Absolutely astronomical !
Congrats you cute ‘lil devil.

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Another 20,000?!! WOW! AstroChuck you rock! Congratulations!

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Congratulations Chuckie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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What great luck, AstroChuck! 20K!!! Outstanding!

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Congrats AC, you definitely deserve to live like a king. You are one of the most valued members here on Fluther, and I’m sure everyone here enjoys your witty banter. Keep it up AC, We’ll see you at 30k! (:

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Congratulations to you AstroChuck! That’s a large amount of lurve ya got there.

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(Loud dinging noise in background) ITS RANDOM LURVE PTS FOR EVERY1 TIME WOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Except for wtf, because he broke a perfectly good Bon Jovi CD)

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Speaking of 20k congrats, where would I find @Marina‘s 20k thread? I can’t find it. ):

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Congratulations on reaching a major fluther milestone.

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Congrats Chuck! I always look forward to your responses.

Time to play some Jimmy Cliff and dance everyone!

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I just woke up from a nap (I’m old) I took immediately after my post and am groggy and confused (I think the drugs wore off, but I’ll correct that very soon):

I awoke to @sccrowell telling me to get orange for cak. I’m colorblind…hope it’s close.

@AstroChuck ..,After some rest, I now believe I recall you saying (not too terribly long ago) that you have never been late to work. Correct?
@Judi…Yes, all available from your words, but I don’t study anything…I just actually read everything you guys write, and with AC, whom I like a lot, every time he stepped aside from the six year old, I’m sure I made a mental note (but looks like I made an error , so my memory is not perfect, but damn near, so watch your words just kidding).
@eponymoushipster…Where is it all so simply spelled out? I’ve yet to visit @evelyns_pet_zebra 10K thread and plan a tribute to, in my opinion, the most eccentric character on fluther, but if there are sources available, I would be crazy not to take a look. (damn monkey)

Congratulations again @AstroChuck !
See ya…Gary aka wtf

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@whatthefluther- In 24+ years I’ve been late five times. Two due to emergencies, once because of the 1995 flood, and twice due to traffic. So I can’t say never, but it’s been more than ten years since.

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@chuckie – there was an article in the paper here that posties (mail people) are too fat. They all ride Honda scooters and they are killing the bikes too fast. Are USA mail people still walking or did you get scooters too???

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@rooeytoo- I have a walking route. We don’t have scooters here.

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@AstroChuck Too bad. I had this visual image of you on a segway.

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More than once I have watched the mailman on rhe boardwalk in Newport Beach, CA and thought “he’s got to have the best gig in the postal service. ”
try to talk to hom though and he’s a crab apple.

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@AstroChuck – That’s probably why you keep your boyish figure! They should make the posties here walk, not only are they a bit pudgy, they would just as soon run you off the sidewalk as say g’day!

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Way to go you wacky 6 year old! Congrats on another milestone! Well on your way to 30 K!

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Yay for Astro! Represent us veggies!

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Congratulations, baby.

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I missed this?! How could I?!

Congrats @AstroChuck!!

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@Saturated_Brain…Too much on your mind, perhaps? See ya…Gary aka wtf

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For the love of Pete. Couldn’t you wait a few more days until I felt up to a party. It’s just like you to just go ahead, keep moving forward and not wait. Sheesh.

I think it’s wonderful! It’s great to see happy things. Many more lurve to you, my friend!

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@cak, you’re gonna be the girl at the party here everyone keeps their eyes on for a while. Welcome back.

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@cak- Wait? Why? Have you been away somewhere? Some exotic locale, no doubt. :)

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@cak: You’re back!!!! It’s so good to see your giraffe avatar again. I have missed it so much!

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@AstroChuck – No, really I was just dodging you! ;~)

@filmfann – this girl is only making brief, but loopy appearances. Once those meds kick in, there’s no telling what I’ll type.

@KatawaGrey – it’s great to be back, and I lurve the orange!

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How could I miss this thread!?
Muchos Lurvos for you @AstroChuck. You are a really Special Fluherite. Make my day in many ways in every response you make. (:
Congratualtions @AstroChuck for surving the 10K and becoming the King next to Queen @Marina, of Fluther LURVE.

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That reminds me… He needs a title!

King Astrochuck, the Silly Duck

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Pancakes for all! Congrats, AstroChuck!

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I forgot the IV in surv iv ing! :(

AstroChuck's avatar

So I’m no longer “surving the 10K”?

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Now that I think about it, it makes sense both ways if you say it(surving) but not spelling it. . :) Bravo! :))
You’re the king of the fluther lurve! :)

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Congratulations, babe. Sorry I’m so late. Love u.

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