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If you could change one thing about your life, what would it be?

Asked by brinibear (1388points) August 24th, 2009

Well, I know that there are many things, that I would change about my life, if I could change the sands of time, I would change the fact that I made a huge mistake. Being married, at such a young age. I never wanted to be a statistic.

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I’d be born into a very rich family.

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I’d like to be seven.

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Better teeth. You could always do with better teeth.

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I’d like to have a “happiness injection” that lasts forever

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I would have not done any drugs, except, ok maybe just drank beer
And, I would have held off with sex till later in my life. At least till I graduated from high school.

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There are a few key decisions that I made poorly, though I didn’t know that at the time.

The big one: I chose a funded masters’ program at UMass over a program at Columbia where the first year was unfunded for everyone. I did this because I was being financially prudent; in retrospect, being financially imprudent probably would have been better professionally.

The next big one: I should have split up with my ex after I caught him in the first lie, instead of putting up with his slippery relationship with the truth for eight years. What can I say? I was stupid, and thought it was a one-off incident. I’m still finding things he lied to me about.

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I would have had my PSA checked when I was 40. Sigh.

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I probably would not change anything in my life. Although I’ve made some decisions that did not work out the way I planned, I would not want to change the outcome so far.

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Should’ve asked her out in freshmen year
Should’ve stopped flying paper planes in chemistry class and learn something for once
Should’ve gone to that Maiden concert (biggest mistake of my life)
Should’ve asked her out in Junior year
Should’ve talked more to my friend before he moved to Arkansas

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Should have made about a million better decisions.

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That I had been more responsible with money and credit cards when I was younger and didn’t ruin my credit.

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I should have married someone who loved me as much as he loved himself.

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brinbear – Ask your father . He will know. All men over 50 should know.

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@brinibear Prostate specific antigen (PSA) is a protein produced by the cells of the prostate gland. Its normal for men to have a small amount in their blood, but it is often elevated in the presence of prostate cancer and in other prostate diseases.

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@teh_kvlt_liberal Don’t worry man, she’s not gone for good, just to Baltimore.

Things I’d change?
First and foremost, getting a job when I was 15 or 16. It’s really embarrassing to be practically 20 and not have a single thing on my resume beyond graduating high school.
Next, asking out more girls in my younger (good god I’m an old man at 19) years.
Next, being generally more outgoing.
Lastly, not wasting those last 2 slices of bread on a very bland sandwich last night, but rather saving them for a nice ham, egg and cheese sandwich for today.

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@Sarcasm, no volunteer experience?

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@worriedguy I asked my dad real quickly, and he told me it was a public service announcement. I know he was wrong, but thank you @Lightlyseared

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Money. Right now I would want to change my financial situation. Money is the root to ALL my problems.

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@brinibear, there is a really wonderful prostate cancer screening initiative called the Barbershop Initiative. The incident of prostate cancer in African American males is significantly higher than the rest of the population, so Chicago tested a program in the African-American community were they trained barbers to talkl about prostate cancer screening with their customers while they were getting their hair cut. Screenings went up as a result of the Initiative.

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I would like to have been born in 2100.

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My children would have left my body just as it was before they came passing through.

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My man and I would be married.

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I would’ve been less careless about school and more interested in getting a career right out of high school.

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Known what the word “hospice” meant, flown immediately out of state and been with my Grandfather as he passed away.

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I would’ve tried to stick up for myself when I got made fun of,I wish I could go back and just defend myself.:(
Be more confident in life.

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And one more thing
Should’ve avoided that troll on fluther…

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I have made my share of mistakes and experienced more devistating heartache than anyone should bear, but all of that has made me who I am today. I kind of like myself the way I am. If things had been easier I wouldn’t have the empathy I have and I wouldn’t know that I am strong and a survivor.
I proudly display my diploma from the school of hard knocks. I don’t think I could have bought a better education.

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Stayed in the one job I’ve had that was actually in the field i studied, even though it sucked hard. Would have been worth the mark on my resume.

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I have problem with my personality long time ago.That is long feet,low lenght.That is my shadow witch I pass over just not long time ago.That is what I would change for a new one,the feet and my lenght..

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I dont know, because i guess a lot of the negative things im thinking of also impacted me positively…
like mainly im thinking i would not have found/ started finding the same ‘artistic self’ (?) if i hadnt been able to relate to music, lyrics, images and atmospheres in the way that i did because of what you would say is the bad stuff….
So then even things that i hate about myself so much and other stuff, i dont know how it could have influenced and shaped things that i love being able to relate to like the music i love because got such awesome worlds, or things i love doing like art stuff i guess (even though by me, its not so awesome =\)

If that isn’t a loada rubbish anyway =)

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Either the depression, or I’d be good at things that actually lead to a career

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If I could change one thing I would have superpowers.

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I’d have more money to spend on those I love that’s all…I feel I have the intelligence, the education, the love, the future that I want…I worked hard to get here

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I’d be married to Natalie Portman.

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I’d really like to stop finding out I have cancer. It’s getting really annoying now.

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@filmfann But then what would the one thing that Natalie would change about her life be?

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Good to see you @cak! You HAVE had enough. Time for some good news.

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@CAK- wooohooo, you’re here!!! this is my first chance to see you back!! woo hoo..while you were away, I started a new job, as patient navigator for the American Cancer Society…I work with people who have been newly diagnosed and help them navigate the system and offer ACS services…I thought of you a lot…my father’s cancer has taken a turn for much worse…they’re giving him about 2 more months…i’ve gotten him into home hospice care

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My first choice would be to get rid of my diabetes.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir – I am so sorry to hear of your father’s turn for the worse. I cannot speak highly enough of hospice. They have helped my family, many times. I will keep you and yours in my thoughts.

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I have a chronic health problem that has caused great stress and sadness in my life. If I could change that it would be amazing.

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I would like to have read more books by this point in my life.

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I’ve had a really interesting life, but I’d like to feel more financially secure. I guess a lot of others have the same wish, with the lousy economy.

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the parents I was born to

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I would have followed a lot of the advice I felt able to give to others.

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Should have studied more and partied less in the early years of the University experience.

Also should have paid more attention to what I wanted of my life and what I was comfortable with, rather than what would make me either interesting or respectable, but I do not think that would have been possible without the growing up happening while doing the wrong thing. :)

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You are not a thing, but we all help statistics share some validity. They are based off of us, they are us. We are not statistics.
I would love to think that changing any of the mistakes I’ve made would help me. It would give me a sense of control over my life, BIG TIME. Yet I am not convinced not anything would actually change for the better or better than my “old” life and decisions I made. I would choose them all over again, in different situations. My life would essentially be the same as my life before I chose to change it.
I needed to make mistakes in order to grow from them and learn not do them again. Life is painful sometimes. Making mistakes and causing pain is just inevitable.

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