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What is red meat and white meat?

Asked by fluthery (4points) January 17th, 2008
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It’s commonly used to separate the fat and lean meat. Although the origin of calling one kind of meat red and the other white can be found in it’s color.

The exact definition of white meat varies by time, place, and culture, but domestic chicken and rabbit are invariably considered “white”, while the meat of adult mammals, such as beef, mutton, and horse is invariably considered “red”.

The meat of young mammals such as veal and milk-fed lamb, and that of pork is traditionally considered “white”; while the meat of duck and goose is considered “red”,though the demarcation line may be changing. Game is sometimes put in a separate category altogether (French viandes noires ‘black meats’).

A newer definition in the United States emphasizes not the appearance and strength of taste, but the fat content, making “white meat” synonymous with “lean meat”; traditionally “white” meats such as lamb and veal are reclassified as “red”. Sometimes, even fish and seafood, including fatty and dark-fleshed fishes such as salmon, mackerel, and tuna, may be considered “white meat”.

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Yes i think seafoods are considered white meat, and pork,beef,veal,etc.. are said to be red meat..So when they say we drink red wine after eating red meat, and white wine after eating white meat, i think that is the demarcation..

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@ nephrons pork is white meat.

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red meat is beef /white meat is pork/you know in the commercial about chicken /pork the other white

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I thought cat was the other white meat.

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