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In what ways are you different from your S/O?

Asked by Tink (8668points) August 26th, 2009 from iPhone

Mostly inspired by this question.
Now in what ways are you different?
Are you more organized than them? Are they?
Are you a neat freak and they aren’t?

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He’s white, I’m black. He’s a computer geek who loves math, I’m a more artsy, creative type. He is a country boy, I’m a city girl. He likes scars, I can’t stand them. He worries less and I’m more cautious. He’s closer to his mom, I’m closer to my dad. He’s a man, I’m a woman. He’s skinny, I’m fat. His family is poor, mine is middle-class. He likes his meat bloody, I am happy with well-done meat. He’s more expressible with his love, I’m a bit more subdued.

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We may look alike and have similar interests, but there plenty of differences.

He’s a procrastinator and never got “good” grades in school; total opposite of me.
He’s more quiet and more shy than I am.
He doesn’t enjoy partying as much as I do, though he likes it a lot more than he used to.
He is definitely less organized than I am; you should’ve seen his “binder” last year. :P
He’s more into sports than I am (though in terms of our athletic ability, we’re pretty similar).
He’s a talented artist (drawing) and I can’t draw like that at all.
He’s more secretive; I tend to speak my mind.
And there’s probably more, but those are the biggest ones that stand out.

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He has male parts, I have female parts, and it works quite well. :)

Seriously though, I’m the cleaner, the planner, the cook. He’s the guts, the harder worker, the entertainment.

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He is hyper-organized, I’m not. At all.
He is financially cautious and well-off. I’m not.
He likes sci fi. I like emotional novels and romantic comedies.
He’s never changed a diaper and doesn’t really know what to say to a kid. I’m a nanny.
He’s mostly practical. I’m whatever the opposite of that is.
He’s a planner and thinks about things for a long time before acting. I’m fairly spontaneous.
He forgets to eat. I forget to stop eating.
He lets his head lead. I let my heart lead.

and man, do I love him. :)

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How much time have you got?

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Loads of time. :)

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I don’t fart.

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she has big boobies.
I don’t.

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I am more organized, she waits till the last minute to do things.
I am more careful, she’s a klutz. :)
I am more quiet than her, she’s not loud but she’s louder than I am.
My music style doesn’t variey, hers does.
I eat meat, she doesn’t.
If I don’t like something I say it, she doesn’t.

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She’s in IT I’m in medicine, She enjoys cleaning and can’t get enough of it i am a neat freak so i won’t have to clean, she has a vagina i have a penis, she won’t let the dog sleep on the bed i don’t like the dog sleeping on the floor where i can step on him when i wake up, she thinks she’s always right… i know she is.

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Aw, too late to edit my answer.

I do a most of his grocery shopping. The way I decide if I should get him something is to ask myself, “Would I like this?” If the answer is no, I get it for him.

We seriously could not be more different in the superficial ways.

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She has boobies and a vagina, I have a peepee.
Also I exist, she doesn’t yet.

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I’m a procrastinator, he’s not.
He’s organized, I’m not.
His idea of “clean” is uncluttered. I don’t mind clutter, but I can’t stand dust or grime.
I’m easy-going, he’s more high-strung.
He says whatever is on his mind, while I don’t like confrontations.
He’s Italian. I’m Irish/English.
He drinks gin and tonic, I drink martinis.
He lets the kids beat on him, I let the kids read with me.
I read mostly fiction, he reads mostly non-fiction.
He likes mindless reality TV, and I hate mindless reality TV.
I have a crush on Dane Cook. He doesn’t.
He doesn’t have a sweet tooth, and I only have sweet teeth.
He has moles, I have freckles.
I like to catch bugs with the kids, he likes to catch footballs with the kids.
He can build just about anything out of Legos. I absolutely cannot.
He’s a gifted artist but can’t write. I can write but I can’t paint.
I shave my legs, and he doesn’t.
But we’re alike in all the important ways!

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I am six foot two, she is five foot two.
She likes babies, I find them annoying and nerve-wracking.
She likes movies with talking animals, I hate them. (not the animated ones, the ones like Homeward Bound).
I like spiders, she is creeped out by them.
I think my Hissers are cute, she thinks they are not and refuses to touch them.
She is content to watch several TV programs, I can barely stand to be in the same room as a TV (unless I am using it to play video games).
She works with DD adults, and gets paid to change them when they are incontinent. I wouldn’t do her job for $1,000 an hour. She would do it for free.
I can drive a stick shift, she cannot.
I am an excellent speller and wordsmith, she is not.
She is an excellent baker, I am not so good at it.
I can create awesome recipes with just a few random ingredients, she has to follow printed recipes to the letter.
I can tell a weed from a flower, she still has trouble with that.
She can sew, I cannot.
She is dyslexic, I am not.
I am OCD, she is not.
I am Belgian, she is not.
She is adopted, I am not.
She has the patience of a saint, I have very little patience at all.
She looks really sweet and has a temper that makes her vicious to the core.
I look mean tempered and am really rather senstitive.
She gets mad and then gets over it, I get mad and stay mad.
She likes baths, I prefer showers.
I like lemon and lime and raw avocadoes, and she doesn’t. (not all three together at the same time).
I like fresh carrot juice and she doesn’t.

…and that’s all I can think of at the moment.

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Well @hug_of_war already answered and pointed out most of the differences between us. I’ll just say that I think we have a lot more in common than we have differences and that the differences we have are good because we balance each other out.

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He’s a cautious and rigorous thinker, I’m a positive all over the place thinker.
He withdraws when he’s going through a hard time, I reach out. (<—problematic)
He’s a sit down, intense discussion person while I love to dance and to party.
He takes long showers, mine are military style.
He loves to sit in the sun (lizard man) and I NEED the shade. (I’m hyper sensitive to sunlight)
He loves to hold my hand, I hate to hold hands at all, though for him I do make exceptions.
His eyes are blue, and he was blessed with beautiful eyelashes. Mine are dark brown, and God certainly gyped me in the eyelash department.
He remembers… my words and our happenings, while my memory is very selective…
gosh, answering this question is making me feel all lovey-dovey..!!
My SO is such a wonderful contrast to myself, I can not count the ways he’s enriched my life.

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As @Damn_Tony put it as well.
Another different thing is that he is a neat freak, I am more of a germ freak.
I like cheese, he doesn’t.
He has killer beautious brown eyes, mines are hazel.
I don’t pay much attention to t.v., (unless they are videogames) he does.

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He’s a realist, I’m an optimist.
He could watch t.v. all day, I’d rather be outside reading a book.
I love connecting with people all around the world, people I don’t know, he hates that stuff.
He likes to have a plan, I’m spontaneous.
He hates cleaning, I love it.
He’s incredibly impatient, I could wait forever.
I love attention, he could go without.
I’m a Leo, he’s a Virgo.
I could listen to music all day every day, he can do without.
I love going out, he could stay in.
I’m really loud, he’s always telling me to shh.
There’s many more differences, but one thing we both have in common, is our love.

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She’s smart, I’m not. She likes metal, I don’t. Her life has been “interesting”, mine has not. She has black hair, I am blond. She doesn’t watch cartoons, I do. She is cool, and I am not.

I’m a lucky guy…

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He’s organized, I’m not!
We’re both different ethnicity.
I think that’s it.

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He is super organized (undies folded and alternately stacked in drawer) I am not (thrown in)
He’s nearly 40 I am not
He worries too much, I don’t
He’s currently employed, I’m not :(
He has a man drawer, I have a ladies drawer!
He is great at making big cakes, I’m good at pastry!
He can’t decorate cakes, I can!
He can hang washing on the rotary dryer better than I can
He loves films and programmes about the war, I like Ghost Whisperer!
In fact there are a lot of differences I guess that’s why they say opposites attract :)
Because I couldn’t live without him and I am pretty sure he feels the same way about me (that’s one thing we do have in common!)

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I wanted a marriage, she didn’t.

Sorry, new soon to be divorced guy so there is a whole world of divorce humor I have to therapeutically tap.

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My wife is Cajun-French, I am English-American.
She is frugal, I am a gadget-loving spendthrift.
She loves having tons and tons of friends, I do better with inanimate objects.
She really dislikes go to the movie theater, I practical grew up in a movie theater.
Her parents are very well off and put her through college, I was an Air Force brat and went on scholarship.
She is Catholic, I am a non-believer.
Her attention span is about ½ a magazine or a sitcom, I like epic movies and read 2–3 books a month.
She likes white wine, I prefer red.
She dislikes pasta and pizza, I yearn for pizza and pasta daily.

stopping because it’s getting depressing

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I am more organized than her.
I am far more punctual than her.
I’m a better driver than she is.
I am a much bigger fan of exercise than she is.
I love electronic gadgets and toys way more than she does.
She’s far more educated than me (in terms of college degrees).
She can cook whereas I cannot.
She is more easily discombobulated than me.
I am much more organized in how I keep my clothes drawers and items in the closets.
She can be alot more outspoken than me at times.
She likes to do yardwork and gardening but that’s not for me.
She believes in procrastination which I happen to seriously dislike.
She enjoys shopping which is another thing I really do not like to do.
I don’t think very highly of horror movies but she enjoys them quite a bit.

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I am Dutch, she is hot.
I am messy, she is hot.
I am creative, she is hot.
I am 6 foot 5, she is hot.
I am a smoker, she is hot.
I am a sportsfan, she is hot.
I am ADD, she is hot.
I am a bad cook, she is hot.
I am here, she is not.

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My eyes are hazel, his are blue. My brain is cluttered/jumbled, his is more focused. He parties, I don’t. He’s 20, I’m 29. He listens to bluegrass, I don’t. He lacks self-esteem, I don’t. He doesn’t see how wonderful he is, I do see it.

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What’s an S/O is that like a military thing?

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oh, don’t know if I have one of those. How ‘bout some ribs?

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@bumwithablackberry A person you really like: a crush/boyfriend/husband. ( :
But on the other hand, I’ll join in for some ribs.

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He’s patient, I am not
He is good at every sport, I fall down mostly
He is social, I am shy
He’s a ginger, I’m a blonde
I like the dog to sleep on the bed, he thinks they should sleep outside
I’m a picky eater, he will eat most anything
He is soft spoken, I am a loud mouth
He never gets mad, I get fired up
He is romantic, I like pizza and sports
He is good with electronics, I break them a lot
I like to read and study (i’m a nerd), he doesn’t (but is starting to…)
It works though :)

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He can successfully mask his emotions with a smile or straight face- I can’t
He is messy with little things around the home (change- tags- wrappers- bottles- I am fussy
He is very polite with his language- I have sailor mouth
He is comfortable being physically affectionate/cuddly- I am more guarded
He is fine with animals on the people bed- I want animals outside the bedroom zone

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