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Why don't some places carry Snapple?

Asked by PupnTaco (13865points) August 29th, 2009 from iPhone

Is it some stupid political thing?

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Because they don’t like Snapple?
I don’t blame them…
And their facts are incorrect!

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@PupnTaco…It is great to see you. I love Peach Snapple but don’t particularly care for the other flavors. Is there something going on? Do I need to stockpile my Peach Snapple? See ya….Gary aka wtf

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Is this a temporary thing like a problem with a recent shipment or is it that they never carry it? We have no such problems here and I live in a very politically charged area.

I got a kick out of a rumor that circulated suggesting Osama bin Laden owns Snapple.

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What does politics have to do with this?

What did I miss?

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Because I don’t like Snapple, and any store that sells Snapple will have to deal with me. And no one wants that.

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Snapple is a Dr. Pepper product. A distribution center is supposed to open in Victorville CA in 2010.

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I asked at one place that used to carry it and no longer does – the stock boy told me that Snapple had raised their prices so much, no one would buy it after the store marked it up to make any profit.

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OK that makes sense. It’s just some stores & gas stations carry it, some don’t. Recently they switched from high fructose corn syrup to cane sugar (yay), I wonder if that has anything to do with the prices?

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Because Snapple sucks?

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@AstroChuck My exact point.

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I’ve never even tried Snapple. Somehow the name sort of puts me off.

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