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Is there a way to keep my nose from drying out?

Asked by ubersiren (15140points) September 2nd, 2009

My nose easily becomes dry and I get little nose bleeds. It’s worse in the morning when I first wake up, and even worse when the weather is dry, of course.

I try do drink a lot of water, especially in the evenings and before bed to keep hydrated.

Nasal sprays contain salt, which ultimately make the problem worse. Maybe there’s a prescription nasal spray for this? Though I’d like to try something else before getting an rx for it.

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I’ve heard some Vaseline in the nostrils helps….not enough to be able to see, but enough. I know the feeling…you have to cover your face in bed or else it hurts to breathe!!!
Oh, try a humidifier, too.

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Can you sleep with a humidifier?

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Both Humidifier at home, vaseline when you go out

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My doctor said to NEVER use Vaseline in the nose. If you get too much in there, it can slide down into your lungs. Use mineral oil.

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Do you have any dried green mucous in the mornings, or a very drippy nose during the day? You might actually have a small infection that would make you susceptable to nose bleeds. Some topical Bactriban might help? Otherwise, I agree with everyone else—humidifer.

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Use a ph balanced saline spray such as Ocean..
You’ll want to stay away from Vaseline® and Vicks®.. Ultimately it dries the nose.

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Try going to Seaside Hts. and breathe in some sea air! I did that last weekend, and it worked wonders for me.

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Humidifier doesn’t help. I don’t think I have an infection because this is all the time, though it’s worse now that I’m pregnant. But, more mucous while pregnant is normal, so I’ve read, because it’s just your body trying extra hard to not allow any intruders to get in.

I’m actually going to the ocean in a few days. It does relieve my symptoms while I’m close to the water or swimming in it, but the salt dries me out more and worsens the problem when I’m not right on the beach.

I’m wondering if a natural oil like vegetable oil would work. Vaseline and mineral oil are almost the same thing, so I’m wondering if something that isn’t a petroleum based oil would work. I’m worried about having a reaction with a natural oil though.

I’m prepared to not find help for this- I’ve searched the internet high and low, asked pharmacists and doctors, and they all say that there’s no real permanent fix. I guess I’ll just have to move to the beach!

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@ubersiren Now that sounds like a plan. I loved living in the humid air in FL. Everyone complains about humidity, but my skin, eyes, and nostrils for that matter are much better by the sea.

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@ubersiren I’m suffering from pregnancy rhinitis currently (on top of a head cold and sinus infection, yay!~) I use Simply Saline and Ayr throughout the day, and I use a Neti Pot at least twice a day. I’m also inhaling steam to help clear my nasal passageway.

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@casheroo :Yeesh! What do you use in your Neti pot?

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@ubersiren Just the salt solution you can buy for them at CVS. Luckily they’ve become main stream so you don’t have to buy it all on the internet.

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I suffer similarly and can say a humidifier didn’t help me much and I tried it in several different climates. I don’t use Vaseline but a similar balm called Vermont’s Original (green tin can) that I lightly swab on at night after a shower or tub soak. Obviously don’t glop anything that could be absorbed far back enough to go down your throat and into your lungs. Ick.

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Cocaine can also dry out your nose. Are you sniffing something you should not be?

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