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I need a suggestion for the best free site to release a press release?

Asked by breizh (1points) September 2nd, 2009

I need to release a press release about a winery’s newest venture but it needs to be free or highly inexpensive (under $50)

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Won’t your local newspapers print a press release for free. Here they do for all the local enterprises.

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Simply posting a press release on the Internet won’t do much for you; you need to get it into the hands of the press. Journalists get thousands of releases a week in their inbox, so they’re not going to actively go onto the web to look for yours. Get out there and knock on their doors, or at the very least send them a fax. Getting a paper copy into the building is essential.

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No, there are portals where you can submit things like Op Ed pieces and news stories, and they get widely distributed on the Internet. They also get picked up by print media if you are very well known and/or you provide a way for them to get back to you for permission to publish.

I too am interested in locating these sites, if anyone knows.

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