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What are some of your favorite condiments and how do you like to use them?

Asked by evegrimm (3714points) September 3rd, 2009

Do you always keep said condiment(s) on hand?

What are some recipes that use your condiment(s)?

How loose is your definition of ‘condiment’?

Are there any condiments you hate?

Are there any regional condiments that you like and are relatively unknown (or not)?

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sriracha (gfy if you don’t like it,....seriously)
Peter Luger steak sauce (A1 sucks!)
Red pepper flakes

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I like ranch dressing to dip my chicken nuggets into… mmmm… ranch dipped chicken nuggets * *drool * *

Tomato sauce (or ketchup for all you North Americans) is a given for chips (or fries for all you North Americans).

I used to love A1 sauce on steak and baked potatoes but am unable to get it here in New Zealand.

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mustard. perfect for sausages, schnitzel, steak, boulettes, even pure on a bread. best condiment ever.
this is the best brand of mustard
in the world

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In the Netherlands some people use Maggi “a dark, hydrolysed vegetable protein based sauce which is very similar to East Asian soy sauce without actually containing soy (Wikipedia)” to ‘spice’ up their soups or rice-dishes.

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Thai peanut sauce – I use it for everything. Ommm Nomm nommmmmm!

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Horseradish mayo on all my delicatessen ham,kielbasa,bacon etc.

Nutella on my eggo waffles,strawberries ,apples

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Heinz ketchup
Hebrew National Mustard
Helmann’s Mayonaise
Fleishmann’s margarine.
La Choy soy sauce
Bennett’s cocktail sauce
Regina red wine vinegar
Paul Newman’s Balsamic vinegar
Bertolli olive oil

I’m VERY brand loyal. Everything but the cocktail sauce is always on hand.

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I like honey a lot. Not a fan of mustard or real mayo.

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Mustard. It is so good.
@ragingloli this is my favorite recipe. I would love to try that brand you linked to, but I don’t think it’s available around here.

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How much healthier is Nutella than regular peanut butter? I’ve been meaning to try it.

I like ketchup (who doesn’t?).
Tartar sauce for fishsticks.
Ranch for sandwiches. Miracle Whip, same.
COOL WHIP, MOTHERFUCKER! I eat it with a spoon.
Um… What else… Maple syrup for sausage, eggs, pancakes obviously, and oatmeal.
Nacho cheese for…. nachos :O and freshly made chocolate chip cookies. Do not question me. I am a chef.

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maybe you can find a company that imports it, because the manufacturer does not sell it outside of Germany.

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capers on everything from Eggs Benedict to lox on bagels to salad to…

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Homemade Basil Pesto
on pasta, steamed green beans, warm crusty bread, over chicken

Teryaki Sauce
brushed on grilled salmon, shrimp or chicken

Heinz Ketchup
for fries or fresh battered onion rings

Nutella and Almond Butter
on crackers or good bread

Mayonaise or Mustard
yuck to both

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DISLIKE:Mayonaise or Mustard yuck to both

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@ragingloli: sorry. can’t get them down.

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@Piper_Brianmind, I’m not a big fan of ketchup.

I’m with @ragingloli, I loooove mustard. (Especially brown mustard.)

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Bruscetta for all sorts of breads (I also make tuna salad with it)
Mayo for fries and burgers
Dijon mustard for sandwiches
Nutella for strawberries, bananas and breads
Hummous for breads and vegetables

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Mayo- seriously, it’s not a sandwich without it. I don’t eat Miracle Whip.

I like horseradish sauce, in moderation and only with certain meats…mainly beef or certain fish.

I really have to be in the mood for mustard, but I love it with a philly pretzel or hard pretzels. I never put it on my hotdog.

Ketchup- yes, I put it on my hotdog. And I’m a huge fan of french fries so I’m always dipping.

hollandaise sauce- I just like it. My husband makes it when he cooks, and I love it.

Teriyaki kind of grosses me out. I’m not sure why…might be too powerful for me.

But, I love soy sauce! I probably eat too much of it when I eat chinese and japanese food.

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I generally have all of these lurking in my cupboard or my fridge:

All sorts of mustards, including Grey Poupon or Maille Dijon, Pommery Green Peppercorn Mustard, Zatarain’s Creole Mustard, Batampe Deli Mustard, and almost any non-sweet mustard.

Heinz ketchup.

Hellmann’s Real Mayonnaise and Blue Plate Mayonnaise (from New Orleans)

Real butter, salted and unsalted, both American and European style.

Kikoman soy sauce, Pearl River Mushroom Soy, fish sauce

Honey (clover, sourwood, wildflower, acacia, lavender, orange blossom, and others).

Balsamic Vinegar of Modena – 4 Leaf Private Stock (for fruit), some cheaper balsamic vinegar for salads, red wine vinegar, cider vinegar, and rice wine vinegar.

Bertolli olive oil, Colavita Extra Virgin Olive Oil, truffle-infused olive oil, walnut oil, and Asian sesame oil.

Sriracha Hot Sauce, Tabasco, Yucatan Sunshine Hot Sauce, Bufalo Brand Chipotle Hot Sauce.

Worcestshire sauce, Maggi, Robert Rothschild Tandoori Sauce (wonderful blended with yogurt and used both as a marinade and as a dipping sauce).

Maple syrup (the real stuff), Brown sugar, White sugar, Confectioner’s sugar, Nutella (because I can’t buy Nucita in the US), and Adams’ Port Wine Reduction (a major time-saver).

Anchovies packed in oil, capers, sun dried tomatoes, ground Horseradish, and shiitake mushrooms.

An enormous array of canned and bottled salsas of various sorts.

Plain yogurt, preferably Greek-style.

My current rave is Adams’ Chipotle Powder, which is wonderful on meat-based sandwiches.

Damn! Now I’m hungry!

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@Darwin…What day is the brunch at your house? Count me in! See ya….Gary aka wtf

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@whatthefluther – Every day. Why eat just to eat? We live in a land of plenty – let’s celebrate. Quality over quantity is my motto.

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Sriracha. On everything.

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@drdoombot….Please elaborate (what the hell is that?)

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@drdoombot….Thai hot sauce originating from the town of the same name, I discovered. I’ve had it and like it…just didn’t know the real name.

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Remoulade sauce makes me happy. :)

I only get it when I go to restaurants, but I adore it.

And nutella is the best!

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@Piper_Brianmind: Nutella is much less healthy than peanut butter. Sorry to ruin it for you. Because of the chocolate, it has a lot of added sugar, etc. I’m not knocking Nutella, it’s delicious, but it is what it is.

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I hate mustard. The color, the smell, the taste… yuck.

I like marinara sauce on a lot of things… bread, veggies, tofu nuggets, pasta, cheese. I almost always have some at home.

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@Piper_Brianmind The nutrition information for peanut butter and nutella.

The difference is in carbs and sugars.

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I am a connoisseur of Mustard. After buying several different mustards over the years, I now make my own flavors from scratch. I don’t grow my own flowers, although I have may try that, but I purchase the powders. There is a wonderful Mustard festival in Napa every year which runs from January thru March, and a Mustard Museum which features America’s college of Mustard, where I got my start; Poupon U and the fighting song

“Who needs Harvard, who needs Yale?
At POUPON U, you’ll never fail!
Stanford, Princeton? Big mistake!
POUPON U’s a piece of cake.

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Don’t forget to adjust for serving size, since the serving size listed for the peanut butter is more than 6 times as much as the one listed for nutella. LOL.

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@YARNLADY, I think I’d love to start making my own mustard. What kind of flavors do you like to create (and how)?

@Likeradar, do you purchase or make marinara sauce? (If you make it, mind sharing the recipe?)

As to hot sauces, I’m a capsaicin newbie and prefer Louisiana Hot Sauce. (My mom tells me it’s a lot like Tabasco sauce—not too hot, not too mild.) It’s great on chicken.

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@evegrimm Purchase. I’d love a great recipe too!

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@Likeradar, I have a recipe from Cook’s Illustrated that got rave reviews from my family, but I was never crazy about it. (Mostly because it didn’t have meat in it, and I missed that taste. I wasn’t crazy about the wine in it, either.)

My mom makes a delicious spaghetti sauce that owes much of its flavor to two things: extended cooking time (in a crockpot) and the meatballs are made of ground beef + hot italian sausage, then browned before being added to the sauce. (There’s a few other things that make it awesome, but these are the key components.)

I could live off of that stuff. :)

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@La_chica_gomela Oh… Shitty. :( Thanks, though.

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Scorned Woman hot sauce. Nothing else even comes close. It’s good on everything, with the exception of ice cream, breath mints, and during cunninlingus.

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@YARNLADY there’s a mustard museum in Mt. Horeb Wisconsin as well. No mustard museum is complete unless it carries Boetje’s Stone Ground Mustard.

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@evelyns_pet_zebra Yes, the Napa Festival and the Mustard Museum are two separate things. I didn’t make that clear. The link I provided is the one in Wisconsin. And by your criteria, they are complete.

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Jack Daniels bbq sauce mmmmm….

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Honey Mustard I put it on fries, chicken sandwhiches, burgers, chips, and pretty much anything you can think of love it!!!

Also I used to and sometimes still do eat pizza sauce with a spoon. YUMMM!

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salt and pepper (black or red though, not green)
ground garlic
myrtle leaves

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ketchup is basically good on everything. like scrambled eggs. yum.
i also like taco bell’s hot sauce packets, but i just collect and play ‘go fish’ with them for the most part.

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Taco Bell hot sauce isn’t. Yuck!

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Hellmann’s Mayo – for most sandwiches, burgers, dipping fries, potato salad, macaroni salad, coleslaw
Mustard – On hot dogs and for use as part of a sauce on chicken
Ketchup – On burgers, hot dogs, dipping fries and on fried bologna sandwiches. And as part of homemade BBQ sauce
Maple syrup – Only the real thing. All of its traditional breakfast uses and as a sugar substitute in one recipe.
Blue cheese dressing – the only thing that should ever be used on a chicken wing. EVER

Never found in my kitchen because I can’t stand the taste: Miracle Whip and Cool Whip. My mother tried to pass off Miracle Whip as mayo once when I was about 8 years old. (We were at someone else’s house and there was no mayo.) I asked, “What happened to the tuna?” Her response, “Nothing. Just eat it.” It was one of the very few times I’ve refused to do what I was told – and got away with it!

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@La_chica_gomela The site I listed for peanut butter had a pull down menu that gave the option of the nutritional value of 1 cup as the default but with the option of 1 ounce, 2 tablespoons, or 100 grams. Had you bothered to look at this, you can see the comparison easily.

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The Honey Roasted BBQ sauce at Chick-fil-A is the best thing in the world.

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Horseradish! Straight up.

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I only use may in tunafish, and very litte of it for that matter. Mayo smeared on bread for sandwiches is disgusting to me.

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@JLeslie I’ve read a lot of people who can’t stand mayo. I love that stuff.

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@YARNLADY I think most people like it. In some parts of the countries more than other it is used automatically on sandwiches, but other parts not. My exboyfriend ordered pastrami on white with mayo at Carnegie Deli and I thought the waiter was going to pass out.

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@JLeslie Strangely enough, lots of my recipes have copious amounts of mayo in them while I can only stand the lightest smear on some sandwiches. Its really good in these recipes though… Onion dip, cornbread salad, broccoli salad and several others.

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mayo is almost essential in noodle , egg, and potato salad.

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@ragingloli I don’t eat any of those cold salads, because of the mayo.

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---@JLeslie....Pastrami on white with mayo? I’m surprised Carnegie Deli would even serve such a thing. Rumor has it that Canter’s Deli here in L.A. is well prepared for similar requests…trap doors in the floor, tho I’ve never witnessed a customer disappearance on any of my visits. See ya….Gary/wtf—-

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@whatthefluther Hard to imagine, right? It was a Carnegie in VA, not the one in NYC. STILL! I was surprised they even had mayo?! I guess maybe it is used to make Russian dressing or something? Believe me we were all in shock.

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