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Is there a good yoga class on the upper east side in NYC for seniors?

Asked by skfinkel (13526points) September 4th, 2009

I would like to find a good class for my mother, in her 80’s.

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Simone de beauvoir is into yoga

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How about the 92nd St. Y?

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@gailcalled – That was my first thought as well. Or perhaps the Asphalt Green gym near Gracie Mansion.

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@skfinkel: Would your mother be more comfortable with a teacher who will come to the apt. and customized the stretches? Sometimes classes can be uncomfortable, if your neighbors are more flexible or pretzel-like.

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My mother definitely does not want someone coming to the apt. The 92nd st. Y is one good option, and I will call to see about specific classes. I was just wondering though if anyone knew of anything else.

Thanks all.

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Research shows Tai Chi is better for senior citizens.

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@mammal I’m into really hot yoga
I think for an 80 year old regular would be better

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@ptarnbsn Thanks for the info. Maybe I should look into that instead!

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