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What are some good recipes that you can store outside of the refrigerator for a day?

Asked by Vincentt (8074points) May 5th, 2011

This weekend I’ll be participating in a running relay race, and to keep the costs from running amok, we intend to make our dinner for Saturday evening on Friday. This means that we do not have access to a refrigerator to keep the food edible for a day. We were planning on making a pasta salad, but it isn’t ideal (you need to preserve the pasta). I have a few ice packs, but that’s about it.

What are some better (easy and preferably cheap) recipes that you can make a day ahead and bring along? Some of the participants are vegetarians, so bonus points if the recipe is too.

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What about making some homemade beef jerky…. I saw it on Good Eats on
Its a great source of protein

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Oh, yeah, I should’ve added we’re bringing vegetarians…

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When our family road-trips to the beach each summer, we make all kinds of food in advance. The drive takes about four hours, and then the cars often have to sit in the hot beach sun for several more before we are allowed into the rental house. The key has been in using coolers and ice packs. If you don’t have either, you might be able to borrow them from a friend and even make your own ice packs with zip-lock bags or plastic containers and ice. In 30 years of doing this, we’ve never had a problem with food going warm or spoiling.

A pasta salad sounds like a great idea. When I make one, I throw in fresh tomatoes, bell peppers of all colors, peas, beans, etc., then toss it with an Italian dressing. You could throw in a can of tuna or two to add separately for those that aren’t vegetarians. Just don’t forget a can opener.

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German potato salad should be ok without refrigeration since it uses vinegar rather than mayo.

For the vegetarians, just omit the bacon. I can’t do links from iPhone but there are plenty of recipes for it on the web.

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Look up layered salads and find one that doesn’t include eggs or meat. They work very well.A peanut butter, hot sauce and vinegar dressing is good. Sorry I don’t have a recipes or two at my fingertips, but that’s what I would look for.

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One loaf of bread and one jar of peanut butter. Super cheap and sustaining enough to keep you going. Also, it doesn’t matter how warm either gets.

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This rice salad recipe travels well and gets better the longer it sits. I use balsalmic vinegar and add halved red grapes to this.

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Dinner doesn’t have to be what everyone thinks of as “dinner” so what about some home made granola, and some fruit eaten out of hand like apples, bananas and oranges.
Other than that, Randy has a good idea with the pb&j because unless you’re able to keep these things cold, you’re SOL for any other kind of a meal

BTW< mayo is not the dangerous part of a potato salad. It’s the potatoes and eggs. Mayo is pasteurized and has a fairly high acidity which slows bacterial growth.

Either way, it shouldn’t sit out of the cold for any more than 4 hours at regular room temperature.

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I remember the trail lunches we had when I was at camp and we did a big day hike.

PB and J, hardboiled eggs, eating oranges and chocolate bar plus water.

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was that you in the ansel adams yellowstone photos?!?

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Why can’t you drink a small styrofoam container or cooler of some sort? I would not feel comfortable with anything being out for an extended period above 60 degrees except whole fruits and veggies.

I keep fridge food and condiments good for up to three days in a really good styrofoam container packed with some ice.

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You can do like someone said and have coolers with ice. Cucumber salad is always good. Hardboiled eggs. Cantaloupe, tomatoes, apples, nabs, peaches, a can of Treat meat and a loaf of bread and you have a picnic.

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Salads generally keep longer if you don’t add the dressing. Keep the dressing separate and toss at the last minute.
I’d go for bread and cheese, keep the cheese in the ice-packs; and lots of fresh fruit.
You can also bring along cans of tinned beans (e.g. chickpeas to make a chickpea salad), that way you get your protein. Just remember to bring the can opener!

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Thanks for the answers everybody, the weekend has been by now, we went with just bringing all the groceries and waiting with preparing them until Saturday, so they were still good. We did cook the pasta the day before and storing it in a very hot car (the Netherlands was the hottest country in Europe this weekend), and not eating it before Saturday. That might not have been the best thing to do, but everybody’s still alive and it tasted good :) We did indeed only add the dressing at the last minute as well.

@Blondesjon What’s that?

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@Vincentt . . . that was a quip aimed @gailcalled in reference to her advanced years.

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