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Jpegs in firefox?

Asked by Perchik (4987points) January 20th, 2008

When I do a google image search, occasionally when one of the files is a jpeg, firefox wants to download it [when I click on it], instead of displaying it in the browser. I can’t determine if this happens with all jpegs or just some. Any ideas?

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I had it happen before and it seems random… try reloading the page; it usually works for me.

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Reloading doesn’t help. I’ve noticed this problem with .jpg and .jpeg (ive noticed it more frequently right now because I’m trying to find a lot of images)

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is there a choice from “download” or “open the file” ? and in ie ,if u click “open the file “then the pic will just be opened in a new page instead of download.

good luck guy!

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nope no choice. I just click on the picture like I do normally and it asks where would I like to save.

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There’s a possibility that the server is just forcing you to download. Does this happen for certain websites only?

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it only happens for certain images. Not necessarily on the same server. I did find a handful of images from the same place….all but one came up in the window, the other one tried to download. I’ve noticed it before and am now trying to do “research” on it…to see if I can figure out why it happens.

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It could be that the “Content-Type:” is set to “application/force-download” on the Server.

Next time it happens you could run the URL of the image through and see what the Content-Type is set to. It will be listed under the HTTP Response Header section.

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I have the same problem for .php files sometimes. When I click a link, linking to a .php document it sometimes forces me to download the page instead of rendering it in the browser. What can that be?

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HeNkiSdaBro, php documents must be hosted on a server that is capable of executing them and then sending the proper html to your browser. If the php document is hosted on a server not capable, then the owner has unwittingly allowed you to directly download the code for that page. In that case, the php will not be correctly rendered, and therefore it is unusable to you at that time.

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thanks totty, but it is always firefox related. If I open the page in IE, there is no problem.

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You could try the extension “OpenDownload” for Firefox; it just adds another option or two to the “download” screen, adding in a “run” option and/or and “open with” option, so you could try “open with…”—> Firefox. Of course, that might just go into a loop and firefox would open it and it would ask again instead of displaying it, but it’s worth a shot, I think.

It’s a good extension anyway.

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Try that. I get the same error. It only happens to JPEGS with plus signs in the URL. I don’t know why but a plus sign in the URL and suddenly, Firefox forgets what to do with it and insists on downloading it.

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Yeah that one doesn’t work for me. I think you might be on to something. I’ll see if that’s what’s happening.

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