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Idea for possible Fluther-feature.

Asked by rebbel (34784points) September 7th, 2009

Sometimes it’s busy here and there are lots of questions asked in a short period of time.
Some people ask two or three questions in a row.
But also sometimes there are no questions asked for an hour, or more.
I, for one, find myself hitting F5 like mad because i’ld like to see new activity.
Would it be an idea that when people have a question (or more then one) they can choose to let Fluther-HQ know that they want that question (or one of the other ones, when they have more) to come up when it’s a quiet time on here (the questions being forwarded then by Fluther-bosses/-mods)?
If that is technically possible, of course.
Or maybe, you like a bit of quiet-time every now and then?
Your view, please?

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Oh boy. One more job for the mods to do. They should like that.

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Like it’s being held from being answered until the traffic has diminished? I’m relatively pretty new so I’m not sure, but I guess if someone wanted to have that option, why not?

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I think you’re too obsessive with fluther.

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Sometimes you need to go outside too.

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@rebbel – Don’t listen to them. It’s a healthy obsession.

At least I hope so.

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It’s obviously kept you youthful.

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I admit that i am intrigued by it.
Wouldn’t call it an obsession though.
But maybe i am a bit of an impatient person….

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@rebbel Maybe read a book in between questions?

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@chyna What? Is there a Flutherbook?
Good suggestion.
I actually do things in between, by the way.
Watch tennis, watch other websites, chat with my girlfriend.

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@rebbel, Are you just answering “Questions for You” or are you browsing and using key word search? I’m always amazed at how many questions I miss. Or you can go back and look at an individual’s answers to questions and comment on them either as part of the question, or by PM.

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@PandoraBoxx No, i watch e-v-e-r-y question that comes up.
The keyword-search i used in my first days here, sfter that i ‘forgot’ abit about it.
Good idea, to have a look there again.

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@rebbel :: There actually was a Fluther book made. Like a paper book you could buy.

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Here’s an idea for a feature. Specifically iPhone related. Landscape would be nice. I’ve got big hands, lol.

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Why not just use the RSS feed down in the right hand corner, and have them sent to you.

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@rebbel Maybe that’s because the biggest chunk of users are US based. You and me are 6–9 hours ahead of them. When we wake up, they go to bed. If you want to take advantage of this you should become nocturnal and change your sleeping pattern to US time. Btw looking at the time you asked the question you are doing a good job already :P

I don’t really think we need a fluther feature for this. Some people want anwers to their questions asap, they don’t want their question to pop up in the middle of the night. Also you could leave a few questions unopened, but that requires self discipline.

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No need for people to do the work…

Tumblr has the concept of a queue which the poster can optionally enable. The idea is that the poster can post updates to his tumblog as often as he wants, but those posts will only show up “live” after a predetermined amount of time has passed.

If it’s used, the poster can choose from time increments ranging from 15 minutes to an entire day to elapse between postings.

For Fluther, I think it’s a terrible idea. People ask questions because they want answers now. As a rule, this site is not for entertainment. It is to get the best answer to the right person in the fastest time. Entertainment of the collective is just a side effect.

The day Fluther allows itself to lose sight of its core value will be the day that you see its relevance begin to wane. And quickly.

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Thanks to all, for answering.

@markyy I’ve thought of that too, the timezone-thing.
My day/night-rhythm by the way, is something that is going on for years already.
The time that i go to sleep is at usually between two and four.

@robmandu That’s clear.
I think i even agree, now that you put it like the way you did.

Think i’ll go with @markyy‘s suggestion to leave some Questions for you for quiet times.

Edit: Thanks, @johnpowell, for that book-link.

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