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How long after wisdom teeth extraction will I still be in pain?

Asked by paulina (4points) September 8th, 2009

So I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed On September 4th, under local anesthetic. It’s been 5 days since then and my back teeth still hurt. I have hardly been able to eat any foods other than yogurt and soup. I’ve been taking my painkillers (hydrocodone & oxycodone) and my antibiotic. I don’t think I have a dry socket, since the pain is not that horrible. I just cant chew or it hurts.

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Use plenty of ice. In my case the pain was almost gone the next day.

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I had all four removed also, back in December. My teeth and jaw hurt for about 2 weeks, and I was also unable to eat solid foods for about a week—I lived on yogurt, mashed potatoes, broth, etc. Vicodin helped, but I had to supplement that with regular Advil in order to be able to deal with the pain, but after the first week it started getting better and I was eventually able to take just the Advil. I still sometimes get jaw pain, but it’s only little twinges and doesn’t last very long. Just pull through it, in a couple days you’ll wake up and realize that it doesn’t really hurt and you can eat soft solid food. It’ll still hurt when you chew, but you’ll be able to do it. I’d say that if after another 3 or 4 days you still can’t chew at all, then you might want to call your dentist or the oral surgeon.

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A week at the least.

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It depends on your pain threshold, of course.

I didn’t take any heavy duty pain meds (but I took ibuprofen) when I had all four out, but that’s because I really hated the wooly-headed feeling (and I’m tough :D).

I remember being sore for a while, but not in pain.

This site seems to imply that you might indeed be suffering from dry sockets (yipes!). Go see (or call) your dentist.

You weren’t using a straw, right?

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For me it was like a week, but it was only one tooth. Also, rinsing with warm salt water really helps to get the pain away and also keeps the extraction area clean
Good luck!

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It lasted about 4 days for me, its different for everyone. I think it falls under the same category as pain tolerance.

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I would say if the paint persists for more than 1.5 weeks, go back to your dentist. My dad recently had teeth removed and they made a horrific mess of his mouth by completing the procedures poorly. This is not to scare you of course, just to encourage you to keep an eye on the situation. Most likely you’ll be fully recovered after 3 or 4 more days.

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Mine lasted about a week really bad, and at the end of two weeks I was almost back to normal. I had all four of mine out.

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took my teeth up to a month. I was fine with my pain med. But going up in a plane made it worse and the heat in FL didn’t help either. But it takes some people a week or two. It really just depends on the person. I still have problems cause my jaw got dislocated and they claim its in a normal position even tho its not they just didn’t want to get hit with a lawsuit.

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Try ibuprofen instead of those other drugs. It takes ibuprofen about 45 minutes to kick in. It’s been shown to work very well on tooth pain, that is what I took after having my 4 wisdom teeth removed, I didn’t use any prescription drugs. Take 600mg with food every 4 to 6 hours, see if it helps.

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Oh yikes, I did a search for wisdom teeth as I had all four of mine removed the day before yesterday. All of them were still under the gum too.

I am getting increasingly frustrated with the fact that I can hardly eat anything. So far smoothies, mashed potato and a pretty much failed attempt at oatmeal has sufficed.

My face is so swollen – even with the regular use of ice packs. Sorry, I am just feeling pretty sorry for myself right now.

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@Rachienz: Sorry, I know it sucks! I ate a lot of minutemaid lemonade pops and soups. It was really hard. I hope you feel better soon!

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