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What odd dreams did you have recently(Last month or so)?

Asked by Christian95 (3258points) September 7th, 2010

I had about a week ago a dream a very odd and unexpected dream.
I was Arthas Menethil(from Warcraft),I was on a big,dark horse with red equipment,I had a sword which had some kind of blue entity around it,I was also dressed in red and my face(Arthas’s face)was full of scars.I was on a black,gothic style bridge which was the entrance to a castle,my character was leading an attack against that castle.Around me was an army of orcs(my army)which was fighting with some very small white birds wich had some kind of blue uniform on them.At the windows of the castle were archer which were shooting orcs.The weather was very windy,the sky was black(in was night) from the dense clouds and there was a lightning storm too.
The dreams ends very quickly,after just a few minutes,when a big crow with green eyes comes from the sky,makes a very unpleasant noise and than attacks me,I try to hit it but I miss and the bird manages to take one of my eyes,I fall and I die.(I woke up)
This dream is odd for me because I haven’t played Warcraft since Warcraft III release and it’s the first dream I have when I’m somebody else in the dream.
2 days ago I had another odd dream.This time I was in a forest,my best girl friend(I have a crush on her) just killed the rest of my friends and she sits on ground crying,I ignore my dead friends and I go to her to try to make her feel better.Than she just leans into my arms and we just stay there until the sun rises(than I wake up)
The second dream is odd just because the murders.
So what odd or funny dreams did you had recently
P.S:I don’t want an explication for my dreams,I just wanted to share my odd dreams and see what other Fluther’s mind can create when dreaming.

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There’s not enough room to list them all!!!!

I’ve been dreaming about cutting hair…usually people I haven’t seen or thought of in years.

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I have had any dream lately since I study and work overtime. But my last dream was a bit irregular dream where I sleep so peacefully on my bed,everything is so nice and balance,so relax,so comfortable,it looks like a mid-heaven atmosphere.

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I had a dream some friends of mine and I were in some pretigious, ivy-leaugue type club that was underground. All the men were in immaculate suits, but most of the women were dressed like hookers: Very low skirts, strapless shirts, halter tops etc.

The club looked like the typical entrance of a large mansion or something, with the double spiraling staircase on both sides going up to the second floor and a balcony overlooking the entrance and lobby.

We were just drinking and mingling, everyone was friendly and there was a lot of sexual tension in the air like everyone knew there would be sex for everyone.

Long story short, I wooed a woman, and we went into a room to have sex. She was bent over a couch and I just had to move her skirt up 3 inches to enter her, but when I was, I noticed she was on her you-know-what and freaked out. The blood started almost gushing out.

So of course I’m saying stuff like ‘wtf is wrong with you?!’, but she just brushed it off like it wasn’t a big deal: ‘oh, sorry about that teeheehee’. I just left, went outside and drove away.

I stopped at an ATM or something and I also almost got robbed, but I puched the guys, ran to my car and got the hell out of there.

What a drag…...

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Its odd for me to even remember a dream. Sometime glimpes of the dream will come to me later in the day. Lately, it seems as if I have been dreaming of cars or a car of some sort has been in my dream.

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My most recent… strange… dream involved a tornado hitting Walmart, myself rescuing an elderly couple from the devastation, and then a giant fireball erupting from the sky to kill a vicious bobcat in my driveway.

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@Blackberry Have you been following this thread? If so, that may be contributing to your dream.

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I had another occurance of a recurring dream about Vietnam. I hate them.

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@CaptainHarley bet they didn’t prepare you for that in Basic training.

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I had a somewhat strange dream last night. My birthday was last Thursday, and this guy that I’m very casually dating wasn’t able to be in town for my birthday, so we’re celebrating tonight – drinks, probably dinner, and of course, presents. I have a pretty good idea of what my gift, or part of my gift, is – Glenffidich scotch, because he knows it’s my favorite and because I gave him a bottle of Captain, his favorite, for his birthday. The thing is, Glenffidich can get pretty expensive, and even though I know he can afford it, last night I dreamed that he did indeed give me a bottle of Glenffidich, but it was almost completely empty because he couldn’t afford to buy a full bottle. There was maybe an inch left in the bottle. I was asking him why he didn’t just buy one of the smaller bottles that cost about $20, but I had to pretend to be really excited about the near-empty bottle, and I was really disappointed…pretty goofy dream!

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No way they could have.

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I had a dream that I was trying to kill this huge spider in my childhood home. I kept beating it and beating it (with a newspaper, I think). It would not die and it eventually went across the room carrying a cookie sheet.

How’s that for odd?

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BWaaaha, I want to make that into a cartton, @erichw1504. I’m still giggling.

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@SundayKittens That’s a good idea, I should start a blog with cartoons of all my weird dream. And I’ve had my fair share of weird dreams!

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Let’s do it! I have plenty, too.

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I was dreaming last night or some other time this week I can’t remember. That Ian Somerhalder (Iam obsessed with him expesially at the moment so everydream has to do with him*)
Yeah well I was dreaming that he was in my country -Zambia. and that a huge Anaconda called him on his phone while it was right behind him and I was watching, so as he answered it swalloed his head and I got my bike and beat the snake on its head. It cut into 2 pieces so I pulled him out and from there he thanked me for saving his life, we went on dates and later on we got married.


lol wish the marrying part was reality :/

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@Thesexier Yes, there’s a definite obsession there! : D

Kinda like, “If I can’t have him no one will! Mwahahaha!” LOL!

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@CaptainHarley , Lol Exactly!
Don’t you even dare thinking about himxD

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Your dream sounds very colorful; my dreams are usually much more boring.

But just today, I had a dream this morning that was very, very strange and disturbing. It took place in a building that looked like some kind of store, with aisles and everything. I was standing in the center and I was about to run a hypnosis experiment. There were 4 volunteers, one of which was my boyfriend. It was really interesting because it was as if I really knew how to perform hypnosis and I was talking to them (don’t remember what I said) and eventually I decided all the volunteers were all in a hypnotized state.

My boyfriend looked dazed and asleep and then he woke up, not more than 10 seconds later. When he woke up, he looked really frightened, terrified. He told me of strange images and dreams that he saw while hypnotized (I remember knowing what he said right after I woke up, but I forgot it very soon after that I can’t remember it anymore). I started getting worried because I knew this was my fault and then he suddenly just collapsed. At that point, I started panicking; I remember holding him and he looked really small and young, more like when we were in middle school. I called 911 and then the woman on the phone asked me where I was and I said I didn’t know…

The end. It was 6:47 in the morning.

SO WEIRD. I think the hypnosis thing came from talking about it on this site, the store kind of looked like the hardware store I’ve frequented a lot recently. Everything else I don’t know. It bears some resemblance to Olatunde Osunsanmi’s The Fourth Kind, but other than that, I don’t know.

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I dreamt last night that I was on a raft in the middle of the ocean (actually a large blow up mattress) and I was tracking down a colossal squid with a bunch of marine biologists! It was so fuckin cool!

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I had a dream that we bought a living chicken for dinner. My step father was trying to kill it by sticking a screw driver threw it’s head. It wouldn’t die so we let it lose in the house. It became friends with our cat Sebastian and liked his head.

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I dreamt that I had a pet giraffe. It became very mean towards the end of my dream. Bizzare.

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@Deja_vu To see a giraffe in your dream, suggests that you need to consider the overall picture. Take a broader view on your life and where it is headed. The dream may serve to indicate how you are “sticking your neck out” for someone.

To dream that you are riding a giraffe, represents your desire to stand up amongst the crowd. You want attention, but aren’t getting it.

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I had a dream last night that my friend Steven was saying that he’ll bring Amber to me and I said “okay go try but she won’t…” And so I saw Steven and Amber talk and she seriously came to me! I was like“WHAT THE FUCK STEVEN! YOU ARE MY GOD AND I LOVE YOU SOO MUCH RIGHT NOW” And then I gave him a hug. Then I had dream that I was being raped by some moster or something… it had fur and I could tell from me panting that I was enjoying it? Wow…odd from going to Amber to me getting raped by a furry creature…. Hehe it was hot for me though =3

@daytonamisticrip Hey you check out that sight too? I thought I was the only one who did that, it gives me an insight of what my dreams might mean to me.

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I can’t remember much but I do remember that there was mini cheeseburgers that were actually gum and a really big, busy bridge over a river.

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I have has so many odd and extremely vivid dreams, it’s hard to even describe them all! I think it has something to do with the medicine I’m on (it’s for anti-anxiety). Vivid dreams are one of the side effects of it, and they’ve just never gone away. I’m actually okay with it, though, I love remembering the ridiculous stories my brain comes up with!

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I recently had a dream where I was supposed to touch a magic crystal and all my wishes would come true… if only it could happen for real…

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