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Do I have a chance with this guy?

Asked by skceb1234 (60points) September 10th, 2009

Ok, so, there is this guy who I have known for about 3 years, and we have always got on really well. The thing is that I am suffering from OCD, which means I have been off school for about 6 months.

Before I left school there were rumours that he was going to ask me out, but im not sure if they were true or not. Apparently he thinks I have moved school and he now has another girlfriend.


1.Do you think he will still be interested in me even though I have not seen him in a really long time?

2. What about this other girl?

3.If I do have a chance how would I go about asking him to be my boyfriend?

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Tell him that you want to go out with him. There is no way around. Then, what happens, happens. Or not.

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Maybe. In high school, six months is a really long time. Are you going to be cack at school any time soon?

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yh i am im alot better than i was and i will probably be back at school really soon.

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If he already has a gf, I would suggest that you respect that and leave your romantic overtures for a time when he may be able to respond in kind. For now, maybe just try to be friends. Who knows what the future holds?

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Be his friend and act accordingly; do not go beyond that. If he is ‘into you,’ I’m sure certain obvious expressions will materialize soon enough.

At some point you can try subtly mentioning this new girl and study his reaction.

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i think you do :)
but don’t rush anything or things wont work, cause remember:
“Whatever starts fast, ends fast”.

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Life is long. If you’re interested, then be patient. Look for opportunities to talk, or maybe even do things together in a group. If you guys like each other in non-threatening and low key situations, then, things will take their course. But don’t try to steal him away from anyone else. Be a friend and let the rest take care of itself.

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@daloon yh i aggree with you i dont wanna steal him away from this other girl. if she sees in him what i do then im sure she would be heartbroken.

I dont wanna be a bitch i just like him so much !

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if he has a girlfriend, no do not try and make a move on a guy who already has a relationship – and if he still tries something with you, he is NOT worth it.

if he doesnt, go for it! and good luck!

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