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Break-ups need to be celebrated; Yes or no?

Asked by santoshannamalai (132points) December 27th, 2010

I am just throwing a random question that can stir a lot of heat. Perception differs from one another. Let me hear some sensible honest suggestions and responses. To me till now, there’s no special tag called “love” that can hit a person only once! Am I right or should I change my perception?

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You are right and yes,some breakups should be celebrated.
Do you really think I miss psycho Bob?? XD

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@santoshannamalai -Why celebrate?
It is rejoicing in the “Get out of jail free card” you’ve just been handed!
I have never been so happy to be rid of someone from my life.Yes,I did celebrate :)

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it took me 2 days to get over a 2 year relationship, my first relationship. he used me for my money, and everything else to his advantage… it took 4 txt messages on his phone from 4 different girls to kick him hard and then kick him out…. i felt bad but one 1, 2 days later I’m luaghing hard! and months later he tries to talk to me again… HAHA good riddens biatch!

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Whoa, tough crowd. XD

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Your details are a bit all over the place. I would rather you elaborate than attempt to ‘stir up some heat’ – your question isn’t controversial, it’s unclear. Some breakups can and should be celebrated, obviously. And yes, you don’t just love once.

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Indeed. Sometimes a celebration is just the ticket!

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I have always celebrated rather than feel sorry for myself. Hell it’s their loss anyway and I feel I am worth all the fuss and attention I deserve! ;)

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It depends on the circumstances. I celebrated my divorce.

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I’ve attended 2 divorce parties, one of them both ex’s were there. There’s nothing wrong with remembering where you’ve come from and celebrating it.

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Some of them. My last one, absolutely. Its cleared the way for me to find a much better relationship with a real adult (not a very large child) who is unselfish almost to a fault and who likes me for me (and more, but I don’t want to brag. :)) If its a bad fit, a bad relationship, and your friends have been waiting for it to end for ages to tell you what they really think about the douchebag you just got rid of… Absolutely.

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I’m not sure. Do you consider a funeral a celebration?

Humans use rituals to “celebrate” many different passages in life. Rituals help us organize and experience our feelings. I think it’s entirely appropriate to develop a ritual to “celebrate” your break-up.

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Interesting but what I see is so much pain and judgement. If you celebrate do it together because you were not compatable and drop the past. If you hang on to those judgements and you hang on to the past you are stuck with that and you carry it the rest of your life. Just let it be and move on.

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NO, i dont think so. the ending of a relationship should not be celebrated, but left behind and forgotten.

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Sometimes you celebrate improved judgement, that you finally took action in your own best interest after hanging on too long in a toxic situation. If the other person is a jerk, or uses people, then by all means celebrate.

But other break-ups are sad, and are about loss and feelings that didn’t turn out the way that you hoped it would. People break up because they fall out of love, move away, have extenuating family circumstances. These are more in the nature of loss, and are quite sad events. You could celebrate when you get over the sadness, perhaps.

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I’ve never really felt like celebrating after a breakup.
But I think you are technically correct about that.
And if a celebration is over the top, maybe a wake, then

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Wow….really happy to read all your replies and I am sure there will be lot more views to the question..Cheers!! to all the contributors..luv ya all…

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It might help to have a ritual that would tell a person that even though they have broken up, they are still welcome in the community as a single person. When we celebrate the joining of a couple, we bring together all kinds of people.

When the couple bond breaks, then something also happens to the relationships between members of the communities who have come to like each other. Now those relationships will be harder to hold. Perhaps there could be a ritual to acknowledge this situation.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir simone, my question is clear! It can invite both positive and negative responses. Btw.. I didn’t get wat you meant by “Your details are a bit all over the place”. I know it isn’t controversial, but at times you will need make something look like that to get clear ideas and I strongly believe in that. Lets come to the point. Yes, you are right. We don’t love or be loved just once. tx fr the reply though.

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When my divorce was finalized, people asked me if I was going to celebrate. I said no, even though it needed to happen, it filled me with a huge amount of sadness that my family dreams had died.

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