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What is a good place to go for a "babymoon"?

Asked by mvolpe70 (45points) January 21st, 2008

This is a trip you take as a couple before your new baby is born.

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I hope you’re not planning on flying somewhere with a baby about to be born…. If you still have a couple months, I’d suggest a short road trip close to home, near a hospital you wouldn’t mind going to if you need to, and near someone you can rely on for help and support if the unfortunate occasion arises of needing to go to the hospital.

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been there done that 3 times where do you live. Flying early is ok if doc says. Do big city. Entertainment with little walking high sex and a great room!

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Some fun ideas..

I think you can’t fly after the 8th month, I read that some airlines are flexible. They may be nervous to deliver babies on board.

Maui, Hawaii (check out Wailea and Makena) we were 4 months pregnant at this time.We still remember it fondly.

Catalina Island (45 mins ferry from San Pedro) (not sure if have hospital on island) they do have helicopters transport if you are not comfy with ferries while baby on board. :)

San Diego, CA area (drive along hwy 101 to beachhop towns of Carlsbad down to Del Mar..or visit Cornado del Mar hotel)

Monterey, CA

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