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Fluther widgets?

Asked by GD_Kimble (2277points) January 22nd, 2008

How neato would that be? Fellas, the market (by which I mean ME) has spoken.

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I emailed the developers a while back with some ideas and one (don’t recall his name ATM) said that publishing their API was coming next after they sorted some things out with their server configuration. Once there’s an API to consume you can be sure that some “widgets” will start popping up.

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It would be easy enough to make a simple widget now that consumes the various RSS feeds from the site (Mirza, didn’t you do something like this?), but, yes, an exposed API would be helpful to make something really useful (like posting questions from the widget).

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FYI you can do this on a mac using safari and the webclipping feature :)

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