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Wanting to fly into New York City (from Detroit) this Fall. I heard that you can get some really cheap flights online (we're talking around $50 - round trip). Any sites that I should check out?

Asked by Jude (32198points) September 14th, 2009

I also heard that Spirit was the cheapest airline. Anyhow, I’d love to know if you got a good deal online, and, if so, what site did you use?

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Spirit Airlines. I have not looked at their site in a long time, because I no longer live in a city they service, but they had great deals. Sign up for their emails. They have a $9 club also I think, check all of that stuff out on their website. is always a good standby. Northwest, now Delta, is kind of forced to be competetive with Spirit, so you can get decent fares a lot of the time. You might get cheaper if you are willing to connect, but that flight is like an hour and fifteen minutes flying time, do you really want to have to connect?

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I’d prefer not have a connecting flight. Thanks for the info. Very helpful!

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Best rates I’ve found are at

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Try priceline. You can pick a price and sometimes if you can fly a day earlier or later or something, you can get a much cheaper rate.

But I think it only works on round trips. I’ve never tried it because most of the flighs I buy are one way, but I’ve heard good things when buying round way.

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@deni Thanks for that info, I didn’t know priceline has last minute flights like that.

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$50 round trip is crazy cheap. You will pay more for a cab to the airport and back or to park your car. Why are people willing to pay way to much for some things but want the cheapest airfare they can find? Not blasting you, just curious.

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You can take the bus to the subway from Laguardia for $2, but that is the only airport you can do it from. FYI. If you choose to do this know that you will have to go up flights of stairs, so if you are carrying heavy luggage it would be very difficult.

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@JLeslie – The bus and train fare is $2.25 now, as of the end of June.

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@aprilsimnel I had forgotten. I was just there and realized my subway card was more expensive.

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