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What is a good girl/boy name?

Asked by Tealuvertia (56points) September 16th, 2009

I have to name my rock for a class project, and I am wondering what a good name would be. I need a first and a last name. I’m really bad at these so i need help! :)

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dante and lilly or iris

ive always loved those names

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Peter. (The rock on which the RC church was built. Petrus in Latin.)

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Cinead, it’s Gaelic for Born of Fire (boy name).

I also like Yuki, Japanese for snow (girl name). And Saori, Japanese for sandy (girl name).

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Dwayne Johnson

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wow, these r really good names! Unfortunantly, rocky is taken, but i’m considering perter, yuki, iris, and lily…thnx!

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2/4 baby lol

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Alan or Alano (They both mean “rock” or “little rock”)

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Pebbles Flintstone! lol

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Estevan Simmons

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Is your rock a male or female?

How about Starr?

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I need a last name too

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Evan is a unisex name that means rock in Hebrew.
I’m personally fond of Cairn, which means mound of rocks.

as for the last name, use your own and pretend it’s your child.

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wow these are lots of great names…now which to choose?

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Iggy Neous
Matt A. Morphic
Cedric “Ced” Imentary

Cole Slate (Coal and Slate are both kinds of rocks.)

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Stone Phillips.

such a hard decision you have! :)

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Pica Piedra

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Yukito Nagato

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I’d have to watch some old Flintstones episodes to help you there..

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@jonsblond wins.

Chester The Molester

I don’t know why you’d name a rock that, but it would be different!

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How about Plymouth, obvious last name would be Rock.

My 3 dogs all have the same last name, we have Red Dog, Bird Dog and Town Dog, makes it easy to remember.

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Chris, Pat, Terry, Shannon, and Jamie are all good girl/boy names.

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Name it Chocolate Cookie. Have fun with it. :)

P.S. I love cookies! Can you tell?

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Silas or Ambellina

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How about:

Sir Paper W Eight?

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I did a blog post about this subject after teaching in the inner city…my blog is listed in my info, I think you’ll find some gems there….heeehee.
I love Simon, Chloe, and Quinn. But if you’re Southern it’s required that it be a last name, so maybe Cooper, Thomas, or Quimby?
@idleVOID Silas is a good one!!!

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Peter Cairn. (A cairn is a pile of small rocks to mark the summit of a mountain or trail markers.)

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@mramsey I thank you.

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Rocky Balboa…or @Allie‘s!

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Steve haha.

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Mozart. Wolfgang. Dmitri. Aristotle. Isosceles. Olive. Count. Capain. Jamal. Eratosthenes.

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Shotor means camel in Farsi. Could be fun.

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Rokku is Japanese for rock.
I don’t really know though..maybe Gemma or Gem as they are kinds of stones??
Or I have no idea why but Ryoko (yes I like Japanese names)
Or, as a name with a first name and last name, I quite like
Pietre Preziose
which means precious stone in Italian.
Bella Rock (beautiful rock in Italian)
I don’t know, but I hope that you like them. ;)

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Italian is _ la bella roccia—

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Oh, woops. Well thankyou for correcting me. My brain isn’t very reliable when it comes to Italian. Thankyou. You’re getting lurve. :)

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i think we should give @gailcalled a rush to 20k lurve

whos with me?

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I just gave you a GA, to hurry you to the next level and because it is a nice suggestion.

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