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Where can I find temporary pink hair color?

Asked by efritz (3250points) September 18th, 2009

I’m going to a spy-themed costume party, and I want to be Sydney Bristow from Alias. In the first episode she has pink pink hair, and I was wondering what brand sells good (cheap?) temporary pink hair dye, that won’t disintegrate every hair on my head.

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We always just go to something like Party City or Sally’s Beauty Supply and buy the hot pink spray-on temporary color. It isn’t really a dye in that it doesn’t really penetrate into the hair strands, so it washes off quite easily. However, if you are a very light blond you might have some residual pink left. If you have dark hair, the temporary pink won’t show up well at all.

Otherwise, get a cheap pink wig. That is probably what the character Sydney Bristow actually did.

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A lot depends on what your current hair color is. If your hair is light try using kool aid as a temp dying agent. I would recommend cutting off a small strand from a not so prominant area and testing how your hair reacts if you decide to go the dying route.

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@Darwin – my hair is medium brown, so residual pink shouldn’t be a problem. Also, Sydney actually dyed her hair, that’s how hardcore she was.

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Kool Aid dudette, Kool Aid. It’s non-permanent, effective, gentle to your precious dome-piece, and tastes great.

You also cannot beat the price point on this one. Under $1 vs. $12

All the info you need to know about dying with Kool Aid.

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Knit some pink hair! (Or get a friend to do it for you.)

BTW, in my personal experience, Kool-Aid works best on bleached or light blonde hair. It doesn’t show up on darker hair. :(

If you feel like going hardcore, you could bleach your hair out, use some Manic Panic to dye it pink, then over-dye back to your natural color, or a little darker.

You could, of course, totally rock the pink all-the-time look. Or purple, or whatever color you want that mixes well with pink.

Or you could try Special Effects hair dye. They have quite a few great colors. (That link goes to a page of photos of people who have dyed their hair with ‘Cherry Bomb’, the colour that seems closest to Sydney’s, to me.)

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@evegrimm- What’s up with that 50 year old dude holding up a Sailor Moon action figure? I am open minded, meaning I wouldn’t necessarily comment on his streaked pink do, but c’mon.

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its a gag gift store in most malls…..

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Have you tried party city?

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Sallys beauty supply if you want semi-permanent (lasts a few days-weeks depending on your hair color, for longer lasting and a brighter pink dye your hair blonde first), but if you want the kind that washes out in 1–2 washes, your best bet would probably be CVS or any other drugstore, since it’s almost Halloween.

I’ve had pink hair several times over the last 10 years, purple hair is my favorite though. Good luck! ; )

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Well don’t use pink HILighter, because it is not temporary when it gets on your favorite clothing!

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@peedub, didn’t even notice! However, when I re-checked, I LMAO.

@Darwin, I remember using some black spray-on dye when I was maybe 7 or so; it rubbed off on everything and was so hard to get out of my hair (5+ shampoos, probably) that I still remember it, more than 10 years later!

Wigs are awesome.

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You can buy colored hair spray at most Walgreens, in the hair coloring section.

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Is there a limit to when you need it gone by? Like a dress code at a job?

If not, I dyed two and a half feet of my dark blonde hair with this, it lasted a month, I did not bleach my hair and it came out a deep fuchsia color. It slowly faded to a variety of lovely shades of pinks and purples. It did not damage my hair, and it won’t damage yours.

If your hair is light brown, it should come out as a deep pink color. Like this. Or this. A deep dark pinky red. If you bleach it, it will come out bright. But having just bleached the shit out my hair, if you tell me that’s your plan – I’ll smack you. Bad idea.

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If you just want a light tint, use koolaid as a rinse. That’s what we did in middle school. Just try not to use the kind with sugar already in it or you will attract bees all day.

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I used the pink spray on hair coloring years ago for halloween, and was sick for days because I inhaled the spray while applying it.

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Didn’t your mother tell you to be like Bill Clinton? You can use it as long as you don’t inhale.

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