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What can I do to help my hair grow thicker?

Asked by punkrockworld (960points) September 23rd, 2009

I have very weak hair, and very little hair… it’s almost like I have baby hair. I’m twenty though so it’s really starting to bug me.
Are there any supplements I can try? Any supplements you know of? Maybe a special diet I should follow?
I just want my hair to be thick!!!

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Hair is bothersome and trendy

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If you are not allergic to sulfur, MSM is fantastic for thinning hair. I use an oil blend that works well, but most people don’t like to put oil in their hair.

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The right haircut can do wonders. My hairdresser has thin hair but she has it cut short and parted/styled in a way where she obscures the thinness of it. It looks adorable. might help… try googling it and finding some options

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i’m a dude that is all about hair. well, well-cut hair. when growth creeps around the neck, it’s time. clean neck. crisp lines. washed daily. brushed and groomed well. sideburns tight.

now, dont get me wrong—not a blagojevich coiffe at all, but just well maintained. haircut is everything and it neatens whatever you are wearing from shorts to suits. you can wear the finest suit or clothes or go to a picnic too, but whatever the event, if your hair is not right, the suit will not “pop” and the picnic shorts won’t either.

good hair maintenance is key no matter what you wear.

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@charliecompany34: For good hair maintenance, one must have hair. This guy sounds like he inherited the wrong gene, sadly.

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how to thicken? let it grow out for a while. wash and brush daily. for women, get a wig and allow your hair to grow. stay away from the beautician for a while. salon treatments can stump growth.

@gailcalled no, i am fortunate to have good genes and the hair is natural and i’m grateful for it. if ya got it, flaunt it.

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@charliecompany34 The cockiness emanating from you font is nauseating.

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Hm. Well, I used Nioxin when I suffered from Trichotillomania. I believe it truly helped.

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@Facade not aware of the font. all i am saying in this thread is haircuts are neat. we could really have a nice talk as strangers in an airport and after a 3-hour layover discover we are flutherites. hey, you’re charliecompany! hey, you’re facade! oh my God!

not trying to be pompish at all in my replies. i just like my hair cut. is that wrong for a guy?

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prenatal vitamins work wonders

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Nettle powder is an herb that is used for hair. You rub a balm of the powder on your scalp. You can buy it many alternative grocery stores. You can also buy it from the following company: Mountain Rose Herbs

Also regardless of what method you use you should make sure you are following good hair care practices.

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If you are thin then it could be a nutrition thing. You will find that underweight people can have problems with thin hair. Think about what you are eating and see if you can add more protein to your diet. Get a blood test to rule out that you are not low on iron.
You said your hair is weak so you should use a good conditioner too. Alphaparf have a great range. See for a shampoo and recharging mask. Buy them here

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