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What are the best headphones to use for running that are less than $60?

Asked by kirforce (97points) September 25th, 2009

No need for phone capabilities
For use with iPod nano
Earbuds ok, but need to stay in despite sweaty ears

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Check out link , I don’t run so I can vouch for whether or not they fall of during intense running by you should be able to find one you like on the website. Personally I believe the key is to get a set of Bluetooth headphones so you don’t have to worry about any cords and you can even have it so the headphones link to your mp3 player and your phone.

Hope it helps

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Skull candy has some great ones for about 20 bucks. They are noise limiting so you can hear enough to be safe, but still a great seal to hear the tunes. I think you can get them at target… but I know best buy has them,

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I bought the Senheiser-PMX70 headphones and they are great! Thanks for the perfect recommendation, rican.

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Except now those headphones are breaking! They have a weak connection between the earbud and the wrap around band. Do you think they’ll take them back? I bought them on Amazon…

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