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Why are my new earphones only working in one ear?

Asked by dimitri685 (74points) July 31st, 2012

I just bought new headphones and when I tried it on my iPod 2g only one ear works and when i try it on a iPod 4g both of them works fine.

Is it my iPod or my earphones?

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Strange. Can you try another pair of earphones to test it in both devices? Maybe a friend can try a pair they have? Or, go to an apple store if there is one nearby.

I would have thught it was the earphones, that the one side had a wire not connected correctly most likely. The little wires in those things are soddered I think, but easily can be done poorly. But, the two devices threw me.

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Do you have it pushed in all the way? Are you sure? I got some new Skullcandy earbuds recently and the plug seemed to be all the way in but I had the same problem. I had to push the plug in a bit more.

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@zenvelo Good point, that has happened to me.

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@zenvelo is correct. It may not have been pushed in far enough.

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Are you using the same music file to test each iPod? If not, it could be the track itself. Assuming that’s not the problem, then try @zenvelo‘s suggestion. If that still doesn’t work out, check your settings. Make sure you don’t have the 2g iPod set to mono or something.

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Since I have had to spend time with an audiologist, I have learned that one’s ear canals can be (and usually are) two different sizes. One of mine is much narrower than the other.

(There is also the issue of wax. It’s amazing what can collect inside that canal.)

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Factory defect? The wires are very thin and flimsy anyway – winding them round or bending them can cause tear.

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maybe some cable damage, or you diddnt push it far enough, good luck

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