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Laptop mouse touchpad thingie... zooming in and out by scrolling?

Asked by poofandmook (17320points) September 27th, 2009

Sometimes when I think I’m just scrolling around, all of a sudden, I’m zooming in or out on what I’m looking at. I have no idea how I’ve made the mouse do it, nor do I know how I make it stop… I just… do it. Very annoying, as it happens quite a bit.

I know each model of laptop is different, but in general, how does one usually go into “zoom mode” so to speak with the laptop touchpad?

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No idea. But lurve for your topics :P

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More info? Some touchpads have a small area (usually the entire right border) that will act as a scrollbar. Maybe yours has another one on the left border to zoom, or you changed the default behavior of scrolling to zooming, or you switched them around.

Actually I’m thinking it’s more likely that you have one of these scrolling zones on one side of your touchpad, but you’re holding ctrl by accident. Holding ctrl while scrolling is almost always the default action to zoom in Windows.

If you are annoyed by it, try and have a look at the settings (most laptops have special touchpad drivers you can access from the configuration screen).

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On Mac computers, if zoom is enabled, holding the control key while moving two fingers up or down the trackpad will zoom in or out.

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I’m not holding control… and I’m not on the side of the touchpad either. I’m right in the middle. I didn’t see anything in my settings… but I guess I need to go back and look harder.

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Also, sometimes different numbers of contact points mean different functions.
For example…

One finger -> move cursor
Two fingers -> Scroll
Three fingers -> Zoom

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I found the correct settings… there is a zoom on the left, but I know when it happened right before I posted this, I was in the middle. argh. I just turned it off… thanks guys.

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