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Where can I find good ROM's for a N64 emulator?

Asked by Foolaholic (5804points) January 27th, 2008
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‘Rom Hustler’ has a pretty large collection of nintendo 64 roms, most of which work…

Bear in mind, i’m pretty sure they’re illegal. haha…

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Romhustler generally only provides roms who’s publishers aren’t making money on the corresponding games. That wouldn’t be a problem except that Ninty is now selling N64 games via download on the Wii.

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does that website work with mac OSX? I tried downloading something and it seemed to be in a Windows format… Any workaround for this?

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Yeah the roms on there are for the emulator ‘Project64’ which is a windows app, sorry… Not sure about N64 emulators for mac, I haven’t found a good one yet :(

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I have sixtyforce, which is pretty good, but I can’t find any roms for it. I have Mario Kart that my cousin gave me, so I know they exist…

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As far as I know most rom files aren’t associated with any particular operating system. It may be the case that your emulator isn’t associated with the file format that might find on romhustler. try opening the rom with the emulator rather than in finder.

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Commercial roms are illegal. Only public domain roms are legal.

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Underground Gamer. Complete N64 Rom Folder torrent. End of thread.

They also have complete archive of Sega Dreamcast ISOs, which is just awesome. Praise.

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