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How do I remove cookies in Ubuntu?

Asked by Les (9607points) January 27th, 2008

I just installed Ubuntu on my computer, and was wondering if anyone had any information on whether or not I could remove cookies that certain websites generously place on my system. Is it even possible to get cookies on Linux?

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Cookies are set by browsing to web pages that want to save data between sessions. For example, cookies are commonly used to remember that you’re logged in to a particular web site from a particular computer.

Most modern web browsers are configured to accept cookies automatically, so yes, it is possible to get cookies using Linux. Cookie management is also typically handled within the browser. This document shows you how to manage your cookies in the Firefox web browser.

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Assuming you use Firefox, which is the default browser in Ubuntu, you should go to “Tools” and then “Clean private information”, select what you would like to erase, and just push the button.

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