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What's a good, free web service where I can have multiple users contribute on?

Asked by erichw1504 (26391points) September 30th, 2009

I’m looking to create a web application/site where I can have numerous family members contribute photos, documents, and messages to. Kind of like a wiki or Microsoft SharePoint site.

Is there such a thing out there that is simple and free?

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Here’s the one I use

You can do it for free, or pay $30 a year for greater storage of photos/vidoes.

Otherwise, the free version allows you to all blog, correspond, post recipes, share pics & share links to you-tube.

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There is also:
Google Groups
Yahoo Groups
Zoho Applications
– Here’s someones list

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Google Wave (coming soon).

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@thanatos That’s what I was thinking, any idea on when it’ll be open to all Googleans?

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We have our family share site on Yahoo Groups, and I also use Multiply

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You mean, like a community, right?


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pick whatever CMS pleases you most

* free

test drive before installing

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