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Would a humidfier in my room stop all the shocks I'm getting from the cold/dry weather?

Asked by Fallstand (1130points) January 28th, 2008

Everything I touch I get shocked and its getting a little annoying.. Any suggestions?...

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Proper humidification allows you to maintain a comfortable living environment, while protecting your investments, and eliminating static shock. Conditioning the amount of moisture in the air is necessary to maintain comfort. Optimal comfort is considered to be achieved at 45–65% humidity. Most homes heated to 73 degrees can have a relative humidity approaching 15%. In comparison, the typical humidity in the Sahara Desert is 25%!

Static electricity is a direct result of very dry air. Humidifiers minimize the static electricity which causes havoc with electronic equipment, especially expensive computer equipment. Proper humidification can greatly reduce static ‘shocks’ and reduce the hazards of ‘zapping’ yourself and those around you.

The most comfortable relative humidity for the human body 45–65%RH
Ideal relative humidity for prophylactic and curative purposes 40–50%RH
Computer and telecom apparatuses 45–65%RH
Furniture and musical instruments 40–60%RH
Libraries (books), art galleries and museums 40–60%RH

If winter in your home means dry skin, scratchy throats and lots of static electricity, you may have a problem with low humidity. Humidity refers to the amount of water vapor in the air. When you close the windows and turn the heat on in the winter, you begin to reduce the humidity in your home. Lowe’s is happy to provide this information as a service to you.

Don’t simply look at cost when purchasing a humidifier. Capacity is an important factor. A humidifier’s capacity should match your household’s needs. Capacity is measured in gallons per day of operation. One method of estimating the capacity you need is to determine the square footage of the you want to humidify. Use the chart below to determine what output level is best for you:

Area Output Rating (Gallons per day)
500 sq. ft. or lower 1.5 — 2.0
530–600 sq. ft. 2.2 — 2.5
700–800 sq. ft. 3.0 — 3.5
900–1000 sq. ft. 4.0 — 5.0
1000 — 2000 sq. ft. 7.0 — 9.0
Over 2000 sq. ft. 10.0 or higher

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I pull my sleeve down to cover my hands whenever I reach for the door knob.

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